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How can I Avoid extra skin from weightloss?

I’m beginning a weightloss program and I’m nervous about extra skin. I have 80lbs to lose.

How can I prevent getting that yucky baggy skin??

A friend of mine just lost 100lbs but she has a lot of skin. She lost the weight very fast…
How could i prevent this from happening?

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One Response to “How can I Avoid extra skin from weightloss?”

  1. Kira L said :

    Your have to lose the weight slowly. And remember that there will be some extra skin which might lead to a small pouch. Also your friend might have all that extra skin but if she keeps in shape and doesn’t gain weight back her skin might start tightening up over time. Just lose no more than 2lbs a week after a couple of weeks, because you will drop higher numbers at the beginning. If your expecting a super tight and toned stomach at the end then you’ll most likely be disappointed.


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