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How can i, as a vegan lose weight quickly?

Well i’ve been a vegan for around 6 months (vegetarian for a few years) and i’m overweight, as i already have a good diet, fruits veggies and lots of fibre how else can i lose weight.

i’m going on holiday soon and i dont want to be waddleing with all sorts jiggleing.

any tips 🙂

oh and by the way i dont have that much time to do that much excercise but i do walk about a mile everyday up hill.

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7 Responses to “How can i, as a vegan lose weight quickly?”

  1. Mark said :

    as a vegan im not too sure how its not naturally just coming off but you can try different superfoods like acai berry and cromium,

  2. the questions no one asks said :

    eat less

  3. Hopeithelps said :

    well it seems you have half of the right diet down with the veg and fruit but you may well be lacking protein and essential fats. Good sources for a vegan are fermented soya products, quinoa, lentils, brown rice, flaxseed, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, peanuts, basically all nuts, seeds and beans and legumes. Try and get around 40-50grams of protein a day

    essential fats you will find in avocado and nuts and seeds with flaxseed, pumpkin, hemp, walnut, almond but you mainly want the concentrate on omega 3 because omega 6 is quite easy to get so flaxseed oil supplement or ground flaxseed around 20grams a day would help you lose weight.

    other factor that could be inhibiting your weight loss is fast releasing carbs, they spike your insulin and make your body get used to using purely food for its energy so it makes it hard for your body to use its structure which is the stored fats that you want the lose.

    cut out processed foods with trans fats and high fructose-glucose syrup they both make it hard for your body to access the stored fat on your body for fuel.

    if all else fails and you are still fat then I would assume your blood type O, which is a blood type that does not do well on the vegan diet because of the grains contain lectins which irritate your body. One of the most troublesome grains for blood type O is wheat, the glutens interfere with type O metabolic processes. which means less food is converted into energy and more is converted into fat, so you could try cutting out all wheat products also.

  4. That Angry Guy said :

    Your diet seems fine maybe your not getting much excersise maybe your like me i play way to much computer like from 9:00AM to like 7:00PM my brother is a boxer and he usually ways about 70-75KG but he needs to way 69KG before a fight so he does like a diet of no carbs and lots of exercise he loses about 6 KG in about 2-4 Weeks id say.

  5. Amander said :

    do exercises any time you can. You can do even you are blushing your teeth.

  6. leonessa said :

    simply avoid fat, sugar, and too much starch, drink lots of water, sleep well, and it should come right off!!

  7. William Husar said :

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