How can as lose weight as fast as possible ?

Ok….so im tryin to lose weight ! Im really serious about it ! Im going for like four walks a week, drinking loads of water and eating healthy but its not workin or at least not quickly . Im 13 stone and i want to lose 3 stone in the next year ! I lost 1pound last week and 1pound the week before ! Is there anythin i can do to speed up lsing weight?? Any ideas will be appreciated and please be specific !! Thankyou !!!

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15 Responses to “How can as lose weight as fast as possible ?”

  1. Chloe<3Heart said:

    Eat low fat foods and Drinks

    It doesnt happen fast, just remember not to binge on unhealthy food or drink and then the next day eat nothing because that wont work

  2. Ellie H said:

    You’re going the right way about it- losing 1-2Ibs a week is the best way of losing weight and keeping it off. If you loose it too quickly you’ll find it might come straight back on. I know it’s frustrating to do it the slow way, but this way you will get the best results.

    Good luck!

  3. Claire said:

    Have you thought about joining a gym? As just walking isnt going to be enough exercise for you to lose weight.
    Also keep a food diary for a week just to make sure you are eating as healthy as you think you are!
    I have lost almost 3 stone in 2 1/2 months I joined a gym and go 3 times a week and went to my doctor for a healthy eating plan.
    So maybe go to your docs and they can help you out with what to eat and what not to eat.

  4. Abby P said:

    Sounds like you’re doing everything right. I dont know how much 13 stone is?? But losing 1 pound a week is good. You dont want to lose to fast because thats not healthy. Plus you’re more likely to gain it right back. Maybe focus on toning up your muscles. Try lifting weights or carryong small weights with you when you walk.

  5. me! said:

    eat negative calorie foods.. do lots of cardio exercises..

  6. PETER C said:

    If you’re really, really serious you should do what I did but only if it’s not all talk like I used to do.

    You can see photos of my results in a review I did here;

    I won’t be easy but IT WILL WORK.

    Good luck.


  7. boxer best said:

    ok start going for walkes after every meal exept breakfast go befor make shore you eat healthy and when you have spare time do some light exercises like joging on a spot throwing a few punches even go swimming and play ball games like pigy in the midle or football this will cost nothing but if youre realy series go to the gym or buy some fitness equiptment

  8. twinner said:

    I think you’re doing great. U remind me a lot of myself when i just started: it just won’t go fast enough! 🙂
    I loose more if I: eat in smaller portions, stop before I feel full (I don’t starve myself), and only eat when I’m hungry.
    it does take time, though. But I’ve been there, done that, and now enjoying my fruits of my efforts.
    Trust me, it’s worth waiting for 🙂

  9. Noa said: can build up muscles, because with the more muscles you have you burn more calories.
    2. if you really want to lose a lot if weight fast you can do a cabbage diet for a week and you’ll lose about 9-13 pounds, or you can do a lemon juice diet for 10 days and you’ll lose about 22 pounds. i personally would do the cabbage diet because its a easier and you can eat.

    so here’s what you need to do on the cabbage diet:
    eat cabbage soup every day- at least one meal
    day 1- you eat fruits as much as you want. (not including bananas)
    day 2- you eat as many vegitables as you want (but not the starch ones like patatoes and corn)
    day 3- you eat fruits and vegitables
    day 4- eat bananas and milk as much as you want
    day 5- eat beef and tomatoes and drink a lot if water
    day 6- eat beef and vegitables
    day 7- eat whole wheat rice and vegitables
    – dont forget to eat the cabbage soup! good luck

    lemon juice diet:
    squeeze lemon and put in some maple syrup and hot red pepper and mix. don’t dreank more than 6 cups a day

  10. Ray <3 said:

    If you are serious about it, to be honest, walking really isnt that great of exercise. I have walked at least an hour EVERY DAY to and from work/school for years, and if it were going to make me lose weight, I’d be tiny by now.
    Either increase it to 6 days a week, at least an hour at a time, or start doing something more intense like jogging. Walking burns way fewer calories than running does. Something like biking will also be better but you really have to put effort and speed into it.

    Walking 4 days a week is nothing in terms of exercise.

    Good luck!

  11. Milk said:

    Eat Enough Vegetables
    Vegetables can play a huge role in helping an individual lose weight without dieting. This is because vegetables are very low in calories, especially green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and greens. Individuals can eat as many vegetables as they want in a day’s time without damaging their ability to lose weight. There are a few exceptions, of course, with potatoes and corn which are starchy vegetables and have more calories. Some vegetables are even negative calorie foods, which means they take more calories to burn than they have. Celery is a negative calorie food. Learn more about veggies for weight loss at Health Caslte.

  12. Fly said:

    1. Avoid sodas – Soda and diet drinks should be avoided. They are toxic and are loaded with empty calories. You will be amazed how fast pops can put on unwanted weight.

  13. Neevy*•♥XxX★:D :P said:

    We r on the same boat love !! 😛

    And im sry to say but there really isnt a fast eough way to lose weight. It does take time unfortunately.

    What ur doin at the moment is good just keep it up.

    Dont starve urself as ur body wil store the fat, makin u fatter n then later on use it up.

    All u really can do is move more, eat less but healthy foods n drink plenty of water.

    I also heard that if u eat an apple 20 mins before u eat a meal its meant to fill u up so u dont eat as much for dinner. Ive been doin this n it does actually work. It makes u feel full when ur only half way through ur dinner !! 😀

    Ohh n another thing im doin is this fitness dvd but its really funny cus the man in it is heliarious its Mr Motivator n for me its great !!!

    XxXxXxXx 😀 😛 ;D hope i helped n good luck !!!

  14. Sammy said:

    try QueShe is the best diet pill it works

  15. Inga Kutch said:

    I like the look of your blog and I’m going to do a similar thing with mine. Do you have the theme or where you get the theme from please?


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