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how can a twelve year old lose weight fast?

I am 12, (you can see from title) I am 155cm and 51kg (please convert it yourself if you please).
People say my weight is fine for my height, but i have lots of belly fat. i don’t want to lose much, just 5 kg. and please no gym, or sit ups or push ups.
btw, i don’t want to do push ups or sit ups because i hear when you stop doing sit ups your stomach will go back again. and stop saying mean things you jerks.
i like modern dancing, basketball, running, dodgeball, and other sports.

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8 Responses to “how can a twelve year old lose weight fast?”

  1. lladnylnavillus said :

    Maybe you should get off the computer and do some kid stuff.

  2. Amazingwoo said :

    You are 12 years old. Right now you have whats known as puppy fat. Everyone had it as a child – I had the biggest hips and bum known to mankind *and* to make it worse, velour was the in thing to wear so I looked massive.

    Trust me, it does melt away as you get older.

    Don’t start restricting calories or over-exercising as this could have long term health problems for you in future.

    You are fine, healthy and fabulous as you are and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

  3. sydie_d said :

    wow you want to loose 5kg…
    but you dont want to do any situps or pushups.
    how about you stop being lazy
    and excersize.
    other wise your gonna stay fat.

  4. Barry23 said :

    If you really want to make a difference to your health you’re going to need to get more exercise. If you don’t want to exercise work on your diet and eat healthier and stay away from drinking soda.

    But at 12 you really should’nt be worrying about your weight

  5. Alan T said :

    For a start anyone saying mean things should stop now.

    There is no evidence linked to you losing a trim stomach after stopping sit ups as long as you suppliment it with other exercises such as the Cat Stretch or the Good Morning Exercise. Both of these help abdominal mucsles to improve and get stronger.

    At the age of 12 you shouldn’t really worry about your weight coz as you get older and taller, it doesn’t show. So stop worring bout it and just continue doing all the sports you are doing

  6. RickySTT, AM, EAC said :

    No gym, no sit ups, no pushups, no weight loss. Sorry. There is no easy out. You have to exercise, along with eating sensibly.

    You ever wonder why there are so many diet books in the stores? It’s because crash diets don’t work. Your body is biologically programmed to fight weight loss–a trait to which your distant ancestors on the African savannah owed their lives. While a crash diet will take the weight off, initially, it will come right back, with more.

    Your body cannot distinguish a crash diet from starvation. Your body still thinks that you’re out on the savannah a meal away from famine. It doesn’t know about the full refrigerator, the stocked pantry, and the market down the street. If you need to lose weight at all, you’ll have to do it under your body’s radar–no more than a kg per week.

    Note: It’s not uncommon for young ladies to perceive themselves as fatter than they really are. If people are telling you that your weight is fine, then they’re probably right. In that case, exercise and a sensible diet won’t hurt (you should be doing that anyway), but a crash diet *will* hurt.

    Most importantly, ask your parents to take you to a doctor. You should never start an exercise plan or diet without your doctor’s OK.

  7. Marry M said :

    if you really want to lose your weight.don’t worry.exercise daily with some hard workouts and drink fresh juices.for more info visit the below website.

  8. Nida said :

    Hye gize… :)… there’s no need to be rude about this stuff, i mean she’s a 12 yr old girl asking for some advise… anyways i’m 14 myself… but i reckon d best thing 4 u to do babes is to not worry about others, and to just go for walks or jogs every afternoon and to just exercise and just cut down a bit in your meals, don’t eat very heavy meals, and try to have a balanced diet… 🙂 When you grow older you grow taller, this will make some of your body fat go away, because you stretch… 🙂

    good luck


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