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How can a teenager lose weight fast?

how can i lose weight fast? in a safe way and without starvig myself. 🙂

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3 Responses to “How can a teenager lose weight fast?”

  1. spashleyson22 said :

    work out and eat super healthy. That’s all you can do. I eat three big healthy meals a day and two little snacks, such as a hand full or raisons or nuts. And if you get really really hungry but shouldnt eat again, just chug water haha gets rid of the hunger. And when you work out, do things like lef lifts or planks and stuff, and do 3 sets of each ! It works ! I lost 20 pounds in a month, plus i now have a 4 pack from the working out part.

  2. [BIGG O] said :


  3. my_alias_id said :

    I was the fat kid growing up and then the fat man. I learned that diets don’t work for long term success. You will loose pounds but the pounds will bring friends when they come back.
    You have to commit to a lifestyle change if you want permanent weight loss. That doesn’t work with a loose weight quick diet.

    I committed myself to the Cave-man diet. It works like this. Just like animals, man has natural foods that he was designed to eat. Look and the diet of the American Indian 500 years ago or the Cave-man or any tribal society. What do they eat? They eat meat, some dairy, vegetables, and fruit. they don’t have sugary drinks, sugary snacks, pasta, or have white bread sandwiches all the time.
    In changing to that type of eating lifestyle, I lost 90 pounds in 16 months, lowered my cholesterol, and I lowered my blood pressure. By keeping with that lifestyle, I’m keeping the weight off.


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