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How can a kid lose weight fast?

I am ten years old, 4″8, and weigh 110 pounds. I am the tallest and also fattest kid in my grade. I just started school and I was teased many times last when kids asked if I was pregnant alot. what is a unusual way to lose weight fast? what are foods that burn belly fat(other than green tea)?

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11 Responses to “How can a kid lose weight fast?”

  1. Mary said :

    BLUE BERRIES! 2 cups a day wil burn thousands of cals

  2. ok... said :

    go play and run outside and dont eat canddy

  3. Bender B. said :

    fat camp

  4. Ronny said :

    You need to ask your parents to take you to the doctor so you can lose weight safely.

  5. Last Charm said :

    uhm. just eat lots of foods with fiber like fruits and veggie’s
    also don’t eat fast food and you don’t even have to work out just eat foods that are high in fiber and you’ll be good.

  6. JohnnyBoy said :

    drink cranberry juice and eat raisins/prunes. It will give you the runs!

  7. Kimberly B said :

    drink ALOT of waterr, no soda, no juice, water water and water, and dont eat after 8:00 pm, and before you eat any meal, drink a glass of water so you can get full of water and you wont be that hungry when your eating, also excercise!! run jump do anything to keep you active!!! good luck!

  8. Iraq Veteran 2008 said :

    At your age, weight loss is simple. Stop eating unhealthy foods, eat only at the right times of the day (not past 7pm AT ALL), eat sensible snacks also. One more thing, get off the couch or whatever you are doing and go play outside. Exercise is quite possibly more important to health than diet. Do not skip meals or go hungry or in the end, you will be even more overweight as well as tired and depressed.

  9. sofie_13 said :

    go to the gym, and eat vegetables especially carrots and do not eat at mcdonalds because i kno all the fat americans think its healthy. GO workout

  10. Ariel C said :

    well i don’t recommend acai berry as it will be very expensive for you and your parents (around $17 a bottle, lowest price i’ve seen) i’m also a kid who’s struggling to lose weight, but i’ve lost like 10 lbs in a year by drinking LOTS OF WATER and eating foods rich in fiber like granola, oatmeal, cereals low in sugar like rice krispies… i also do not recommend taking pills drugs or supplements… also you should drink milk and eat BOILED fish, not fried, because even though you’re just a kid you need fats (good fats) and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for brain and body development… refrain from eating fried foods as they contain a lot of bad oil and bad fats… you should also exercise for at least 60 minutes each day…

  11. Charlie said :

    I’m so sorry to hear that kids at your school have been cruel and insensitive to you. Some kids don’t know who they are yet, and they try all kinds of different things to fit in– and that sometimes means being very nasty. When kids feel nervous and insecure about themselves, they sometimes act mean to other kids to cover up how nervous they really are inside. If kids tease you, try to remember that it’s not about you; it’s about them. The bullies are the ones who should feel embarrassed.

    Those kids haven’t yet realized that what matters is on the inside, not the outside. I promise you, when you’re a little bit older, people won’t care how tall you are or how many pounds you weigh… Good people will care about how nice you are, and how smart. (And I can tell from the way you write that you’re very smart!)

    That being said, I understand your wanting to get in shape. Everybody likes to be healthy and look healthy. If being a little bit more toned would help you feel more confident, then go for it! BUT do it in a healthy, safe way!!! Things like eating way too little, throwing up, or over-exercising don’t work in the end, and will make you very, very sick.

    Try being more physically active, playing active games outside and running around every day. Also, eat a healthy diet: veggie burgers instead of hamburgers, fruits and veggies for snacks instead of cookies and chips… Drinking a lot of water works really well. Most juices and sodas are full of sugar and other bad stuff.

    All those “fad” diets that promise super-fast weight loss don’t really work, and usually are unhealthy. Losing weight the right way might take a little bit longer, but it will be worth it. You’ll be healthy and strong, and the weight will stay off.

    Last thing: you should consider talking to a counselor or teacher or family member about how you feel. Being teased hurts, and a trusted grown-up can help you get through it in a positive way. If the teasing is going on at school, tell your teacher privately. He or she can help put a stop to it. I’m a teacher myself, and I know how sad it makes me to see kids being mean to other kids.

    Good luck, and stay healthy!!! 🙂


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