How are you going to try and lose weight for swim suite season?

I’ve been trying to lose weight by excercising and eating healthy, but it’s not working.

Does anyone know any diet plans or anything that helps you lose weight fast?

Poll: what kind of crazy diet are you doing?

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5 Responses to “How are you going to try and lose weight for swim suite season?”

  1. Renee said:

    Actually, you don’t have to diet per se to lose weight, the sole diet which really delivered for me is green tea, it can be seen in the resource box underneath, they have a few free trials remaining, it has been featured in Reader’s Digest and USA Today. I melted away 25 pounds, it really does work!

  2. Gabe said:

    If you’re thinkin about losing weight for swim suit season now you’re probably already too late, as its going to be may already! lol..

    I started exercising Last week of january. Exercise 50 mins 5 times a week and eat 1600 cals. workin for me.

  3. ryan said:

    I’m on this crazy diet called the 1 minute diet, for 1 minute a day I can eat anything and everything i want! then the rest of the day i fast

  4. Gigi'sMom said:

    The only time I lost weight was on a low carb diet. You are alloted 60 carbs a day. I tried not to go below 40. Like you could go to 0 carbs a day but ketones develop in your stomach and you get the foulest breath. You might be thin but you’d have no friends – well close ones LOL.
    It is actually a very healthy diet as it cuts out high carbs but would also recommend a multi vitamin with it.
    It allows meat, chicken, fish, bacon – all have 0 carbs. Same with eggs, cheese, etc. Not recommending that one eat these foods in abundance but it would kick start the slimming process along with 45 minute walk a day and some sit ups, etc

  5. Zak said:

    As far and as much as I know, diets are way of the past 🙂

    Well there is a reason why I say that: If you follow Oprah’s show, I guess you’d been better infromed. But this is what I saw:

    On the Oprah’s show, like always there was some great product in discussion and this time it was about one breakthrough weight-loss plan.

    I just checked it up on the internet and found out that they are going ahead with some FREE trails right now.

    So I guess you should check that out while it lasts 🙂

    Here is the info you need:

    Hopefully this will get you to lose weight!



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