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How am I able to loose weight fast?

I am 5 feet tall and i weigh 135 pounds. i have been wanting to loose weight, but im not sure how. Also, i have an elliptical at my house. How could i loose weight without spending any money fast?

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6 Responses to “How am I able to loose weight fast?”

  1. Will said :

    right, i know from personal experiance and reading a little too much mens health that sprinting for 10 seconds then running for 20 seconds for long periods of time losses weight very fast, if you cant do that for long at first thats okay just do as much as possible and you will see results as you begin to be able to do it for longer periods of time.

  2. Drinky Winky said :

    the fastest way is to chop of a leg.

    the healthier and less painfull way is the cut down on all the candy,sweets and juices,replace that with water and low kcal drinks.
    eat 3 main meals a day
    you are allowed to eat little healthy snack (fruit,1 chocolate,etc)
    always eat breakfast.
    eat healthy (so no hamburger,hotdogs,fries)
    you are allowed to eat chocolate,fries,muffin or something fatty once in a while
    eat a little bit less.
    work out (doesent mean you have to run or go to the gym,walking a lot helps to)
    its better to eat more at day time (when u are active so u can burn the kcals,then in the evening)
    DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. when u are hungry,eat something small and healthy OR 1 chocolate (just so you wont crave it)
    except when u are hungry all the time,then you gotta not eat that moment.
    keep yourself busy

  3. Kylie said :

    Eat 6 small meals a day
    Eat no more then 15000 calories a day
    Exercise for at least one hour
    Drink 8 cups of water a day
    Don’t drink your calories
    Keep a journal for your meal plans
    Get at least 8 hours of sleep
    Throw away all unhealthy foods (good for even skinnies in the house lol)
    Figit when your sitting like shake your leg
    when your stomach growels at least eat a small snack
    Green tea makes your metabolism faster

  4. who want to know said :

    Low carb diet works on the fundamental principle that too much carb in our diet will cause weight gain and prevent weight loss. You can find many low carb diet plans that go by different names which include; Dr. Atkins diet, Protein Power, Carbohydrate Addicts, the Zone diet, South Beach Diet, Scarsdale diet and Sugar Buster. Some of these low carb diet plans can be very restrictive and limit the consumption of fruits and grains while others focus more on a balanced approach which involve carb control. Regardless of which low carb diet approach you are on, you will find all the necessary low carb diet information in this site. We also prepare some fabulous low carb recipes that will fit into any of your low carb diet lifestyle.

    Low carb diet plan works by restricting intake of carbohydrate. This makes your insulin level to decrease and level of glucagon to increase. Glucagon is a hormone that causes the body fat to burn, and cholesterol to be removed from depositing in the arteries. By restricting carbohydrate intake and avoid refined carb, low carb diet reduces the production of insulin. This helps dieters to avoid developing insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a situation when insulin levels are too high. When one is in such situation, the organs and cells no longer allow enough of insulin into the cells. Since insulin cannot get enough of the blood sugar into organs and muscles that needed it, the blood sugar remaining in the bloodstream is in excess and this triggers the liver to turn the blood sugar into fat and store it in your fat cells. Needless to say, this will expand your waistline and add pounds to your body.

    Low carb diets success can also be explained by the fact that low carb intake curbs the appetite, so it is easy to stay on the diet and even make it a lifestyle.

    By restricting carbohydrate intake to less than 30 grams a day in low carb diet plan, you will trigger your body to go into a state of ketosis -i.e. burning fat to produce energy subsequently leading to production of ketones in the bloodstream. The result of ketosis will help stabilize blood sugar; insulin level drops; and because your body is burning fat, low carb diet help you to lose weight.

    low carb diet advises you to eat more high fiber foods such as vegetables, whole grains and foods

    Eat more fish and nuts

    Watch for added sugar and fruits and minimized artificial sweeteners

    Avoid processed food especially those containing hydrogenated oils

    Be selective about the fat you eat, take only good fat

    Finally, low carb diet should be practiced together with calorie count. By combining calorie and carb counting in your daily diet, you will be able create a healthy low carb lifestyle and live a rewarding life.

  5. Charlise34412 said :

    “Loose weight” is spelled incorrectly.
    It’s “lose” weight.

  6. Lovin Life :) said :

    Dont try any colon cleansers or pills ect.. .if you want to slim down tone up and live healthy this will help! Congrats on wanting to live a healthier life and better yourself this new year!

    Here are some dieting tips 🙂

    Eat breakfast an hour within waking up
    5-6 meals away
    Execute portion control of meals
    Eat as much raw foods as possible
    Limit caffeine to one serving a day
    8 glasses of water at least a day
    take a multivitamin
    No carbs after 2-3pm
    Make sure your eating enough calories
    Lots of lean proteins like white meat and fish
    Make meals in advance…your more likely to eat healthy if its already made
    Drink a glass of water before you eat a snack.. you will be less hungry and eat less
    Pre mix up snacks
    Eat a salad/healthy app. before a meal. Studies show people who do consume 30% less food
    Keep a log of what you eat
    Try to regulate a normal sleeping pattern

    3-4 days of cardio… mix it up and do 1 or 2 of high intensity cardio
    2-3 days of lifting toning 🙂
    Always stretch stretch stretch and do a warm up and cool down


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