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How about the slimming capsule for both Men and hypertension?

Hello , Im a 47 year old male, are there any slimming capsules good for men ?Are they safe for people with high blood pressure?

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2 Responses to “How about the slimming capsule for both Men and hypertension?”

  1. groundzero_1078 said:

    No miracle pill.. Indeed, these slimming capsules manufactured in pharmacy were more prevalent a few decades with a “manual” well known as Professor Guy-Grand “take thyroid extracts, which are added diuretics, potassium and a tranquilizer to counter the negative effects of hormones. ” A cocktail for the less explosive which is far more to keep all its promises: “The loss of weight is very bad quality: the thyroid hormones will melt more muscle than fat. And the weight will be resumed as soon as automatic “discontinuation” said Professor Guy-Grand.You may also refer here for more:

  2. Chanteuse_ar said:

    Diet pills don’t work…well, you will lose some weight in your wallet. If diet pills worked, everyone would be thin. Some of them don’t even metabolize fully and leave deposits in your intestines that can take months to expel.

    And since most of them aren’t FDA approved you certainly don’t want to mess around with them if you have a pre-existing condition like hypertension…you get one that has too much caffeine or some other stimulant (and most of them do) and you’re looking at a heart attack risk.


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