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Holliday in easter holls?

Ok my mam has just sprung up that we are going to spain im like Wow, but the only thing is i have let my self go abit and i need to tone up my thighs and tummy.

i have perthese so i cant run or walk tht far but i can do exercises, could you please tell me which ones will work the best, how many and how to do them properly


Btw im 5ft2 and 78kg i think but i am loosing weight pretty quickly

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One Response to “Holliday in easter holls?”

  1. sisforstevie! said :

    invest in some kind of excercise/dance/yoga dvd? i know there are some yoga videos on youtube you can try.

    try doing sit ups and push ups every morning.

    cut back on all ‘bad’ foods, decrease your portion size, walk everywhere instead of getting a lift/the bus, always have breakfast but stop eating after 6 and drink lots of water!

    you’re lucky you have that long! my mum told me on friday we’re going away tomorrow, so i haven’t had time to lose any weight at all!


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