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help with getting fit!!?

im hoping to join the navy soon as i have only got my medical and my pre joing fitness test to do which consists of a 1 and a half mile run. im 26 years old, im 6 foot 1 and i weigh about 11 and a half stone…which is good for my height. im trying to give up smoking but im having some difficulty with this. i am a member of a gym and i have been going but not as often as i should if im honest. i just wandered if anyone had any advice about getting fit? such as the best exercises to do, what equipment would be best to use, any tips to improve my diet and any tips and advice for doing the 1 and a half mile run as i’ve not yet done that and im really struggling with it. thanks xx

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7 Responses to “help with getting fit!!?”

  1. Jennifer said :

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  2. cool gal 76 said :

    if your going to lose weight, you have to eat well and excersise often and sleep enough. you also have to believe in yourself.

    help me??

  3. Bob said :

    Well you can buy a stationary bike, treadmill, or elliptical trainer, and work with intensity and that 1.5mile run won’t be a big deal also drink more water and if you have gym membership go to the gym and and do cardio activity

  4. CrazyScarfGurl said :

    You should start jogging now to get your body use to it. Like run a quarter and then when that gets easy then make it a half and so on. Do core and leg workouts to gain strength and muscle in your stomach and thighs and legs. Drink water it will clean your system and help keep you hydrated.

  5. somebody said :

    maybe you should find your buddy to go exercise with you so the time will seem to past faster for you….and you can go a little competition with your buddy like who can lift more weight and who can run faster and all that fun stuff…..Make exercising a fun thing to do….also i think you should use all equipments….there are no such thing as the BEST equipments to get fit fast….

    and maybe if you cut down the amount of cigarettes you smoke a day…like cut down 2 cigarettes you smoke a day every week….

    hope it helped

  6. Crystal K said :

    if you don’t have a gym membership, job or run for cardio and do squats, lunges, sit ups, and push ups for your strength. try to jog at least four times a week for at least 30 min (probably more since i think you have to be in really good shape for the navy). and then two or three times a week on nonconsecutive days spend twenty or thirty minutes doing anaerobic exercises. do a few sets of squats, lunges, leg lits, pull ups, push ups, sit ups, whatever you fancy.

    and of course give up smoking! it will make exercising a lot harder on your lungs.

  7. HeavyMetalChrist said :

    go to youtube and search spartan 300 work out


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