Help me!!!Myskoool dance in coming up and i wanna lose my chubby fat?!!?!?!?

I am 126 pounds my jean size is 7 and i wanna lose weight/fat fast!!!!!

My Valentines school dance is on Friday the 13th and I wanna lose the chubby fat i have so My crush will ask me to the dance

I am happy with the way I am but you can always improve yourself you know what i mean?

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7 Responses to “Help me!!!Myskoool dance in coming up and i wanna lose my chubby fat?!!?!?!?”

  1. Emily O said:

    You don’t have to lose weight-wear a corset!

  2. Logan said:

    lots of running.. work out.. eat healthy.. drink lots of water to fight cravings.. it’ll be hard to lose a lot by valentines but it’s possible if you want it bad enough… but don’t get discouraged if not, the best things come with time and hard work

  3. Arcadia said:

    go to a gym, do some cardio and muscle training.

  4. Miss L said:

    (I’ve answered this question several times so I put all the best knowledge into one! There might be a couple things you can disregard, but overall these are all things that worked for me)


    Burn more calories than you consume (cut calories + exercise), ta da!

    *exercise 3-6 x’s/week, 30-60 min, Morning is exceptional because you haven’t eaten for at least 6 hours so you’re not burning food you are burning fat (both are good to burn however)
    *Build muscle: when you are weight lifting your muscle fibers actually micro tear and the process to heal these tears is what builds muscle. Building muscle helps you burn fat while you’re not even working out. (Every lb of muscle gained will burn you an extra 50 calories a day!) And make sure to eat some form of protein after working your muscles. Your muscles suck up that protein to help with repair, strength, and prevent muscle damage!
    *drink a lot of water!,
    *get sleep – seriously,
    *Minimize carbs at night, eat majority of ur carbs during lunch when you are burning more energy,

    Motivating Tips:
    *Hang up a picture of a beautiful bodied person on your fridge
    *Picture yourself in a pool or on a beach with friends
    *get some great jams you love!
    *Pop in a movie the time will fly by so fast you won’t even realize you just worked out for 20 min!!
    *mix up your routine! Right now, I’m in a spot where my routine is monotonous and it’s killing my motivation. I need variety so make sure you get some variety if you are the same. (DVD’s at walmart, HBO has a fitness channel, cleaning house/car even works if vigorous!), call up a buddy, go for a walk (w/ur dog)
    *Buy something you love a couple sizes smaller! Keep trying that sucker on until it fits! That’s its own motivation right there.
    *if you cheat once, don’t let it ruin your whole plan. In fact, make sure you do cheat once a weak. Nothing overboard but it’s better than completely throwing your whole routine in the crapper* We all have slips! Maybe workout an additional ten minutes to help relieve some of that guilt.
    *workout with a buddy, not only is it motivating but you can’t deny you get a little competitive, plus if someone is relying on you to workout with you are less likely to skip out on it!
    *Keep weights near other couches so when you are not working out and just sitting you have easy access
    *Hang up pictures of tropical places. It reminds you of the beach, and besides is a great “view” lol
    *If you work at an office, wear ankle weights to work…I know it sounds funny, but it works!
    *I was told walking in heels give you a firmer butt…next time you are vacuuming, slip on some high heels!

    *Drink a glass of water before each meal. Makes you feel fuller, flushes toxins and fat cells, plus water is good in way too many ways for me to sit and list.
    *Boil or steam as much as you can
    *Get whole wheat bread, it’s complex carbs so it takes longer to digest which makes you fuller and doesn’t get stored as simple carbs aka fat
    *Don’t eat after 6:30-7pm. If you must, no carbs!
    *Make the healthy foods in your house ahead of time for lunches, one less reason to skip it the next day
    *Make fresh fruit smoothes: 1 orange, 5 strawberries, 1 banana, skin milk and or yougart.
    *go out and buy healthy foods you will be excited to eat (salmon: great for skin also, organic fruits, things for healthy salads: the dressing is what kills you, try a citrus dressing or oil and vinegar)
    * When eating salads, opt for an olive oil & Balsamic vingrette, or citrus dressing, if you can’t handle that, put dressing in a side cup and dip your fork into that first, then take a bite of your salad. The Dressing is what kills us! It defeats the whole purpose of the salad…some even being equivalent to a double cheeseburger if the dressing is too much!
    *green tea, cayenne pepper, lemons are all things that can minorly boost your metabolism.
    *eat 6 small meals a day, this also helps raise your metabolism. Starving yourself can actually slow your metab down! Your body doesn’t know when it will get it’s next meal. SO the cells that store fat are working overtime when you don’t eat for long periods resulting in more stored fat. But when you are eating small meals frequently, they see no need to store fat.
    *sometimes if I crave a late night snack, I throw a bunch of veggies in a bowl and toss with italian dressing, not bad!
    *watch your drinks! We often don’t realize the drinks we consume have extremely high caloric intake. (ie: coffee’s, soda’s, some smoothies, alcohol…)
    *Make homemade hearty brothy soups! Veggies, meats, and beans are good for you, plus soup is very filling and easy to heat up for lunch the next day or a healthy night snack.

    Healthy Meal Ideas:

    Eggs and a meat, with whole wheat. nothing breaded or fried
    Salads: mix up the meat you put with it, salmon, chicken, shrimp, fish, turkey, tuna etc…healthy options.

  5. Meilien said:

    I agree. Loosing weight is difficult and a pain, wearing a corset will make you look way better than loosing weight will.

  6. Wee Courtz said:

    exorcise cut out junk food try and drink water or milk With your lunch and dinner (this will make your skin alot better too) sometimes our crush never askes us out because there scared of rejection its what we all fear so why dont u ask a friend to be suttle and ask them 2 ask him if he likes u and if he says no tell ur friend to say they were only joking nd if they say yes ask them good luck x

  7. Eileen F said:

    If you are happy with the way you are then stay that way! People should like you for you! You cannot make someone like you!

    You did not give your age or height. 126 lbs sounds like a GREAT weight to be! So does a size 7, but your height and age also factor in.

    HOWEVER, if YOU want to trim and tone for you, then start by talking to your pediatrician to make sure you are both on the same page and that your doctor agrees.

    THEN, IF you get your doctors o.k., stop all sweets and fried foods. Drink plenty of water and start to MOVE! Walking the dog, cleaning your room, your house, the yard. Jump rope, ride a bike. If you are in a colder climate, shovel the snow. The housework ones will help your parents(s) too!


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