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help me!!!!!!?

does anybody know of any websites or have any information on how to loose weight quickly. i would like to be a stone lighter in a short amount of time and i want to do it properly and not starve my self.
any information would be appreciated.x x x x x x x


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5 Responses to “help me!!!!!!?”

  1. Amanda S said :

    1 stone should take you at least 7 weeks. There aren’t any magical diets that will make you lose that much fat in a quick manner and keep it off for the long-term.

    Try a good diet and exercise.

  2. Judy M said :

    ISAGENIX! It has helped me. I have lost 25 pounds. It is healthy, guaranteed, endorsed by doctors, nutritionists, famous authors and thousands of people like me. Success stories at Any more information you want, feel free to email me. <><

  3. Mommy2One said :

    It’s really not safe or healthy to lose weight quickly. It is something that needs to be done gradually over time. Be safe and take care of yourself.

  4. ncjain1953 said :

    drink hot water
    eat fruits for some days
    do not take fat

  5. c_aflame said :

    If you find the answer please tell me. The only thing I know is drink plenty of water and eat light, I am still wishing on a magic something to lose this weight fast.


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