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Have you recently lost weight?

Please only answer if you HAVE recently lost weight.

Please tell me how you did it?

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11 Responses to “Have you recently lost weight?”

  1. D said :

    Yes about 7lb and it was from digging out weeds in the garden. Mind you for quite a few hours.

  2. jobby heid! said :

    yes i have ……. i done more and ate less

  3. blah said :

    yes 4 pounds since friday. how? barely ate. like 500 calories a day no more and TONS of water 25 miunutes of exercise in the gym

  4. dodgerqwerty said :

    slimming world eating plan

    and “body for life” workout plan

    about 1.5 months into the 3 month plan of body for life and lost about 20 pounds of fat and put on about 6 pounds of muscle

  5. passionfolife said :

    i have lost 10 lbs by going on a strict diet. NO sugar, fast foods or bread. lots of veggies and some fruits and no beef or pork!

  6. adee said :

    Yes i lost 22 pounds. I went on the Special K diet, rode my bike everywhere, did 30-45 minute cardio workout DVD or went to the YMCA, drank lots of water, did not eat junk food,soda,or anything unhealthy,did a 15 minute ab workout routine on slim in six.
    And i DO NOT eat fast food EVER.
    hope this helped!

  7. coldgreyash said :

    I lost 25 lbs cutting out processed carbs.
    I cut out bread, potatoes, cereal, pasta, chips, fries…. etc.
    I only ate rice once a week and the rest of the week I ate meat and vegies, cheese, fruit, and eggs. I lost it in about 2 months, no problem. I also walked every morning for at least half an hour.
    Oh, by the way, I was a big soda drinker and I stopped drinking sodas too.

  8. Elanshaw said :

    Yeah, 6 pounds in one week..
    Took the stairs
    No alcohol or caffeine
    Ate tuna, turkey and chicken like a mad woman
    No salt
    When thirsty only drank water
    No breads..

  9. Sunshine Baybee xo said :

    Yes actually I have, I stopped taking Birth Control Pills and lost 2 lbs, then I’ve been swimming and eating less fattening/”heavy” foods since it has been really hot out. I lost another 3lbs. I used to weigh 137 but now I weigh 132.

  10. ♥Ruby♥ said :

    yeah i recently lost like 2 pounds in one day like yesterday and i gotta tell you losing weight is a hard thing to do. i lost it by running on the treadmill and doing a lot of crunches. its hard thing because i found out like 3 days ago that you have to burn 3500 calories to lose just 1 pound!!! i ate NO fast-food, chips, other junk foods, no foods with sugar, foods with no carbs.
    Help Me Everyone Please:

  11. Rachel said :

    I loose it in a really simple way. I cut out all junk food; e.g – chocolates, crisps, fizzy drinks. Eat a balanced breakfast of porridge with chopped fruit, a simple salad sandwich for lunch, and usually a meat or fish dinner with lots of veg! I also do 2, 2 hour-sessions of swimming a week, plus lots of walking! You’ll see the weight drop off 🙂


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