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Have you lost weight with Slimming World?

Have been overweight since age 12, tried points, calorie counting, meal replacements, and will power to no avail. My step-mother-in-law has just started going to Slimming World but she’s a compulsive eater like me. Any devotees to give me reviews on food optimising?

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6 Responses to “Have you lost weight with Slimming World?”

  1. foxystorky said :


  2. dizzy said :

    i started slimming world 10 weeks ago.i have lost 20 lbs.
    it takes a couple of weeks to get into it but when you realise the “syn” value of things it does become easier.
    i never feel hungry and i do eat lots with slimming world.
    i do reccomend slimming world because you dont have to starve yourself.

    there are lots of free foods you can eat while on slimming world that have no calorie value.

    im sure you will do fine on it.

    good luck

  3. floppsy said :

    yes i lost 2 stone, it is really easy once you get the hang of it, and you get plenty to eat. take your time and good luck

  4. Mossy Jan said :

    7 stone 11 pounds in 11 and half months and i stuffed my face everyday on free foods. the more you eat the better. i had my daily dose of chocolate on a night as part of my sins so didnt missout.

  5. Piggy said :

    I lost 4 stone and got to target 3 years ago, and have been there ever since.

  6. Kerry K said :

    I joined slimming world may 2006 and lost 3 stones in 7 months – I know it works and have now been running my own slimming world group for a year – I really believe in food optimising. the best thing to do is stock your fridge, freezer and cupboards with as much free food as you can, then if you have a snack attack you can eat without using up your syns.

    Good luck with your weight loss journey xx


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