Has anyone used the lipotrim maintenance diet to lose weight?

Don’t think I can face staying off all food. Someone said that if you try the lipotrim maintenance programme you can still lose weight on it. Has anyone tried it? Just wondering how fast/slow weight loss would be.

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One Response to “Has anyone used the lipotrim maintenance diet to lose weight?”

  1. mocca said:

    if you want to have a perfect diet and have good body, you should not expect for the fast result, because it depends on you body structure,..

    by the way if you are looking for an effective way of loosing weight, try the fitrum, we all know that exercise is not enough we should also have different kinds vitamins , minerals,.. that are needed by the body,..
    some diet pills will remove substances from our body including the important one that are needed by our body- that will result weakness, stress, and others,..
    this fitrum is natural, it contain what our body need, it don’t remove substances that needed by our body but it gives what our body need, for us to have good diet, nice body fit, and strength,.. the fats in our body was converted into energy to give our more strength to remove the substances that doesn’t need by our body,..


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