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Has anyone used ephedrine tablets as a slimming aid? Do they work?

Please dont write and tell me that they are harmful,or that to lose weight I should be eating a sensible diet etc etc I know all this already.

I just want to know is if the Ephedrine pills work?

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3 Responses to “Has anyone used ephedrine tablets as a slimming aid? Do they work?”

  1. Socially Distorted II said :

    You should have a healthy lifestyle before popping ephedria…as well as consulting a doctor-Most deaths that have occured from this chemical compound all had underlying heart problems that were not found until after their run in with Ephedria.

    Some states with conjuction with FDA status of approval and appeal have banned the use as well as the selling of the agent.

    does it work? Yes, how? It speed and heats up your core motabolism, which means it speeds up your heart rate. This alone can damage the tissue and muscle in the heart.

    What you SHOULD do with pills like Ephedra and the like is use cycles.

    Cycles are 2 week incriments of use and one week off. And during that week off you have to really maintain that lifestyle change.

    Cycles are used in Non-ephedria dependancies as well.

  2. fivetoze said :

    pseudoephedrine is a stimulant, it increases the heart rate and promotes a good blood flow… and you feel a little spacey.., and now the idiots have found a way to make even more powerful drugs based on this, this fake ephedrine… so here in the UK its been restricted… but as to helping in weight loss… well, thats anyones guess, coz nowhere on the bottle does it say can promote weight loss only as part of a healthy balanced diet…

    speed is speed, like amphetamine is fast… the drug doesnt actually make you lose weight, it supresses the appetite, anf ills you up with adrenaline… and the comedown is awful… cramps shakes nausea and a powerful headache from dehydration… so there yu are, now you know….

  3. phil said :

    i would try another way for dieting.


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