Has anyone tried slimming patches. Do they work?

I know people who have given up smoking using smoking patches. I assume the slimming ones work on the same principle.

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7 Responses to “Has anyone tried slimming patches. Do they work?”

  1. Natali said:

    Why not spend that money in the gym. Works better!!!

  2. jamie here to help said:

    your having a joke aren’t you ? they don’t really make slimming ones do they ?

  3. Natalie said:

    There are no miracle pills/teas/patches/lotions. period. if at least one of them worked there would be no obese people.
    Fat loss is hard work – change of lifestyle (diet and exercise) because only with permanent changes you can get permanent results.

  4. gavmel259 said:

    Yeah but I was still hungry after eating one!!!!

  5. Ali said:

    HI Sue, sorry i hate t be the bearer of ad news but the sooner you come to accept that there is no quick fix the better, i tried every shortcut in the book, it doesn;t work, and even if it did you would only lose water weight which goes back on so fast. start running, you’d be surprised how addictive it can become, i know sounds crazy, but the hardest part is getting out the door and doing it for the first time, then theres no stopping u

  6. shoe_box0 said:

    You probably shouldn’t try the patches. Recent studies have shown that the slimming pills/patches really mess your hormones up. Try eating healthier and exercising instead!

  7. Dr Frank said:

    No, they are useless quackery, what are you replacing with a slimming patch? Unfortunately you are starting with the wrong attitude for success in sustaining weight loss, you are looking for a quick fix with someone or something to loose weight for you. The evidence is that so called dieters who think like this have a 2 in 3 chance of actually ending up heavier!

    Ifyou are really serious about loosing weight the only chance you stand is combining modest calorie restriction with on going regular vigorous exercise.

    The fact that so few people get of the couch when trying to loose weight is shown by the fact that the average BMI of an adult Scot is 26.5 and 25% have a BMI greater than 30, which means thay are obese. This means that the AVERAGE person that you meet is now overweight!


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