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Has anyone lost weight jumping rope?

I’m looking to get into shape by jumping rope. I need some motivation 🙂
I am looking for true life stories of those who have lost weight by jumping rope.

When did you start and how much weight have you lost please?
I understand the reports that it is effective. I am looking for how much you personally have lost and or the ways it has transformed your body.

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7 Responses to “Has anyone lost weight jumping rope?”

  1. Cutey said :

    Yes, it is very beneficial in losing weight.

  2. Vinny - noodle eating champion said :

    it’s possibly one of the most underrated exercises you can do, good for cardio, and can work your calf muscles, you won’t lose weight alone just by juimping rope, you will need to incorporate other cardio exercises preferably, as well as have a decent diet to supplement this

  3. Mr95AY said :

    I havnt as i dont need to but i do skip just to be healthy and in order to loose weight, it’s a great idea to jump rope and you have to eat well so no more soda, sweets, chocolates, cakes, fast food etc..

  4. Bree said :

    you can lose weight with jump roping, i have but i also dieted and added a few other workouts to it..Like running/jogging daily, and using a weighted hula hoop 🙂 i lost 15 pounds and weigh about 106 right now 🙂 so yes it will work just add a diet and few other exercises to it.

  5. maxine loves cupquakes. said :

    Yes, thats what Katy Perry does,r:32,s:71&tx=40&ty=95&biw=1401&bih=733×1200/katy_perry_20090719_1134.jpg&imgrefurl=,r:11,s:352&tx=120&ty=70,r:22,s:457&tx=94&ty=98

  6. Frank said :

    Jumping rope helps you to lose weight and become fit – that’s a fact. So just do it, don’t waste your time with bothering about other people’s weight!

    Let’s get started with our skipping techniques here:

  7. Rabia said :

    Well…m just goin 2 start rope jumping
    hope it wl help 🙂


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