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Has any body tried the Fat Loss 4idiots Online thing?

I wanted to know if it was successful and if you have if you could possibly show me what it diet plan it gave you. My mom would never le me buy it but I am really interested in it. Please??

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2 Responses to “Has any body tried the Fat Loss 4idiots Online thing?”

  1. Beauty said :

    I did that diet! and surprisingly I lost 10 pounds, and have kept it off! My mom did the diet and so did my friend, and they lost the weight too! I think it is worth the money! I can’t give you my exact diet plan, because it is 11 days worth, and it wouldn’t fit on the page.

    But the diet is something like this (not exactly, and do not follow what I wrote, because I am just writing what I remember of memory)

    Meal: chicken, cashews, bacon
    Meal: green vegetable, scrambled eggs
    Meal: peanuts, cashews
    Meal: fruit salad, fresh strawberries

    There are 4 meals in one day, and you can eat the meals in any order. You can select the foods that you like to eat. There are choices such as meat, fish, fruit, shrimp, etc….

    I recommend this diet to everyone i know, and I highly suggest you try it! (to keep the weight off you walk 45 minutes a day)

    Good Luck and Hope I helped and gave you the info you were looking for!

  2. David Stanton said :

    yes and it sucks, your better off with burn the fat, feed the muscle


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