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Hallo for you. How do I lose weight quickly?

How do I lose weight quickly? Ive slowly put on 120 pounds after last nine years and I need to look my best in two weeks, how can I lose these 120 pounds? Maybe if I cut my calorie intake by 1/2? Do I exercise any?

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12 Responses to “Hallo for you. How do I lose weight quickly?”

  1. Scott B said :

    The only way would be liposuction. It is IMPOSSIBLE to “LOSE” this much weight so quickly. I just did a huge report on my website.

  2. cyborgcommando said :

    just exercise and eat less meat, more vegetables and fruits

  3. MIchael R said :

    cant lose that much wieght that quickly. start ona healthy diet and exercise more. to burn fat focus on areobic exercise, walking jogging anything that keeps the heart rate up for a n extended period of time. make sure to drink plenty of water

  4. Ginkgo said :

    Don’t get into counting calories. See “quickest way to lose weight” on site below. It works at warp speed. The balanced diet has made obesity (according to Atlantic Monthly magazine) the number 1 health problem in the world soon replacing hunger and infectious disease. So if you need to lose weight it is mostly not your fault. You are a victim of this pandemic (epidemic).

    The site below teaches you a whole new way to eat. You learn about quick and slow ways to lose weight, taking off bodyfat and retained water. It tells about anti-water which explains why people tell you to drink a lot of water. Learn everything on that webpage. Do it and you can be thin. Do it not and remain part of the biggest pandemic ever. It is causing the children of Americans to have a lower lifespan than their parents for the first time in 100 years.

  5. David T said :

    Divorce your wife.

  6. Hans B said :

    its really unhealthy to lose weight too quickly, I think a pound a week is what I’ve heard is healthy, so you’ve got some time ahead of you. There is no quick way, other than lyposuction, even a stomach bypass surgery doesn’t yield results untill much later. The key is to consume less calories than what you burn. A healthy diet which limits low nutritional value foods like fast food, candy, pastries and fried foods and increases intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats like fish and poultry is essential. Also essential is excercise. If you’re over weight and out of shape you don’t need to go out and run right away, a simple one hour walk everyday will be a great and easy start. But do it every day. Once you have lost a little of that weight and are able to, switch to doing intervalls of walking and jogging inbetween days where you only walk, then eventually jog. Or skip it alltogether and go to a gym and get a trainer and do aerobics, if you can do it in a pool thats even better because the extra weight is a lot of stress on your joints. Whatever you do, theres no quick fix, no magic pills or diet, you just need to stick with it and you’ll feel better as soon as you start, and your feeling better grows exponentially as you STICK TO IT!

  7. Cheppyyyyy said :

    Unfortunately, without the help of a surgeon you will never lose 120 pounds in two weeks. However, if you drinktwice the amount of recommended water each day AND get out of the house and do some sort of heart stimulating excercise such as walking or dancing or anything which you find will raise your heart rate for at least 20 minutes at a time AND stay away from carbohydrates , sugars, salt, or other weight encouraging foods, then you will lose weight and it will stay off if you continue with your new routine. A simple way to remember what NOT to eat is this : If it’s white, it isnt right!
    Also, stay away from foods that dissolve or change in water. I hope this helps!

  8. jimmycricket said :

    1 day at a time is all u can do if u look long term wake up every day and look at the scale itll hurt every time aim for only weighing urself if u ate 2 days rite lots of vegis im 4 months in now i wanted to quit at 1 week 3 weeks 6 weeks and 6 and 1/2 weeks after 8 weeks i didnt feel like quiting until week 14 and in some way i did i overate for 3 days and went back after i looked at the scale 9 lbs in 3 days gained…..and that 9 is still not off yet so one day at a time itll take a long time no magic only magic WAter weight! and thats gone first 2 weeks of the diet after that the fite of ur life realllly begins.

  9. gooseman said :

    Try eating flies for a year.

  10. Fat G said :

    I am going to recommend ou some easy ways to lose weight. First, when you go the supermarket, try to avoid the center aisles. In most markets, the meat, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables are located at either end of the store, and in the back. The center aisles, on the other hand, are where all the packaged food is kept. If you avoid the middle of the store as much as you can, you will end up with a cart full of natural protein and produce, the perfect ingredients for losing weight.

    Here’s another hint: don’t let yourself get hungry. Eat regular meals, so that you don’t feel deprived. If you’re like most of us, once you feel hungry you are more likely to eat whatever happens to be available, healthy or not. That’s where the problems start. If you have regular, healthy meals and snacks, you won’t be tempted by the junk food that’s all too readily found in any corner store or vending machine.

    Finally, avoid using your car as much as you can. It’s better for the environment, and much better for you. Walking for a few hours every day is actually a better way of losing weight than if you exercise vigorously a couple of times a week. Try to work walking into your daily routine – for example, can you leave home a half hour earlier and walk to work each day? With gas prices reaching an all-time high, think of all the money you’ll save while you’re using weight!

  11. lovelysweetmaiden said :

    Sometimes keeping a food diary can help. Sometimes we don’t remember how much we have snacked on during the day. The food diary can help you see if you are snacking excessively or help you see a bad habit.

    If snacking is your problem you can look into a couple of options. You can cut down on your snacking or plan for healthier snacks. Don’t drastically change your diet unless you know that you can stick with it. Otherwise you just gain all of the weight back because you go back to old habits. Just change a little at a time. Try having two “healthy meals” a week. Something as simple as having grilled food, instead of something fried.

    Also, to lose weight you really need to do some type of exercise. Find something that you enjoy doing. You will be more likely to stick with it. Maybe walking, swimming, yoga, dance, aerobics. Just whatever you find interesting. If you bore easily you may want to try doing more than one thing. For instance, walking with friends on Monday and Wednesday, yoga on Tuesday and Thursday. The next week try dance on Mon. and wed. and aerobics or Tues. and Thurs.. You just have to find what works for you. The most important thing is to keep it fun and interesting. Take time and try some new things!

    I hope these suggestions were helpful. Good luck and just keep the faith in yourself. You can do it. You just have to decide that you are ready to.

  12. Soul Doctor said :

    Homeopathic Treatment for Excessive Fat and Weight :-
    PHYTOLACCA BERRY’s Mother Tincture is perhaps the safest and sure fire way of loosing excessive fat around abdomen. With Phytolacca Berry once you loose the excessive fat and weight you don’t get it back because you body takes care of itself after that and keeps you from gathering up excessive fat. It is prescribed after having a baby too, to get the tummy to loose its flab and to make it flatter and tighter. And after loosing weight with this you don’t get flabby it tightens up the flab and skin along with helping your body to shed the excessive accumulation of fat around the girth
    The dosage is 15 to 20 drops of the tincture in half a cup of hot water thrice a day half hour before or after meals.
    Avoid Chocolates, Coffee, Mints, Red Meat and Carbonated and Alcoholic drinks while taking Homeopathic Medicines. You have to take it for at least 30 to 45 days after that you start to feel the results.
    To the best of my knowledge its the safest and the most sure fire way of loosing fat and weight and keeping it of for keeps. Excellent remedy for Obese people who cant seem to shed weight despite trying.
    Homeopathic Remedies can be found at all Major Herbal Stores or could be bought on line, In most of the world Homeopathic remedies are quite cheap and easy to find and they do not need a prescription.
    Take care and God Bless !


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