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Good exercises to get slimmer thighs?

Im 15 and my thighs are huge! Im really athletic and im always playing sports but they dont seem to be getting any smaller.
Im trying to get ready for the prom but i have no idea how to make them smaller.
Does anyone know any good exercises for this?

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2 Responses to “Good exercises to get slimmer thighs?”

  1. nathan w said :

    Run, cadio, tea bo, walk, bike.

    Squats and lunges will build muscle and tone but your legs will look bigger unless you run the fat off.

    Some people just have bigger legs. Alot of people like athletic legs… learn to love yours.

  2. Paul B said :

    Anything using weights will bulk you up. Use low weights and do 4 sets of about 15 reps. Cardio will make you lose weight. If you’re athletic and play sportss, you’re prob healthy and shouldn’t worry about it.


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