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Getting fit for the Army?

Hi- I am trying to get fit at home for Army selection in 8 weeks. I am relatively fit anyway but need to improve quite a bit so I have cut out most of the fatty stuff in my diet and the cigarettes, sugar in my tea, biscuits after evening meal etc. I am already feeling a great improvement but still have a lot of ground to cover in these 8 weeks (including going from 20 press ups to 40 without going to a gym- any ideas there, or is it just practice?!).

My question is, bearing in mind the vices I have given up and that I need to get fit, but not obsessively so, how pften can I indulge in ,y one true love- a full fried breakfast (sausage, bacon, hash brown, fried bread, beans, mushroom etc)? If I had one once a week on a Sunday morning, would this really be too much of an issue?

Any help appreciated re: press/ push ups or breakfast. Thanks!
British Army (Light Infantry)

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8 Responses to “Getting fit for the Army?”

  1. WAYNE T said :

    Don’t worry they will get you in shape Your DI will make sure of that and you can not guess what he will expect of you He sees each want a be in green a little differently. Some might have to go to animal company, You don’t want to go there. Be focused on “do as you are told nothing more” than this and you will be in shape.

  2. Blazin_frizzard said :

    Im guessing by fit you mean thin? if so you should eat lots of fruits and greens, try to limit yourself eating one unhealthy meal per every two weeks. You can still be slightly overweight and be fit, you just need the muscle stamina- which takes quite some time to build up, you need to start conditioning yourself for running 3 miles, as those are one of the main drills that they use, so don’t forget to jog in the mornings or maybe afternoon. And steadily increase your pace. BTW i have no millitary experiance just excercise experiance.

  3. ktbug3335 said :

    you don’t really have to sweat the small stuff.
    thats what basic training is for. to get you into shape.
    unles you were really obese, in which case a recruiter would have told you to begin with. don’t worry about it.
    noiw the cigarettes are good to quit because youll be doing alot of running, but other than that don’t sweat it.

  4. Hotstomper said :

    Don’t worry, if you get selected they will ensure you get fit and you will get fed accordingly. Best of luck.

  5. Huge said :

    Because of the physical exercise you will be doing eat plenty – have porridge or similar and bananas or egg and toast (not fried) for breakfast. For lunch have a sandwich but with no mayo and eat salad or fruit too. Concentrate on eating lots of protein and veg for your main meal of the day and limit the carbohydrates – no fried stuffs (chips etc) and only limited portions of spuds/rice/pasta . Have biscuits as a treat but eat low fat and low sugar ones (Rich Tea).
    When you go running, which is essential and the father the better, wear a rucksack and slowing build-up the weight in it as you progress until it is holding about 25KG.

  6. john538659 said :

    US Army, I do not know the fitness standards but in UK you have to be reasonably fit to start off then your Drill Pig will help you by putting you in the hands of the PT branch.

    The basic fitness test is a three mile run in under 8 minutes.This has to be completed every year.
    You will also have a combat fitness run with full kit.
    As for food whilst on active service or training you will eat at least 1000 calories more than the recommended amount for a civvy.If you put on weight it will be muscle, the flab will disappear. Best of luck, with determination you will succeed.

  7. Heather Z said :

    I would just keep practicing on the press/push ups. Can you access a bar to do pull ups? Those will help you in upper body strength.

    Most bodybuilders and fitness pros have a “cheat day” once a week, so I wouldn’t worry about the fattening breakfast once a week, so long as you continue to work out hard.

  8. paul d said :

    I think you’re going way over the top, you don’t need to make drastic lifestyle changes. As long as you’re reasonably fit, you should be ok, they’re not expecting you to be superman.
    I’m not sure what the tests are now, you say 40 push-ups, if they give you 2 minutes, aim for 41 in 1:59. For that, all you can do is keep plugging away.
    Honestly, there’s no reason to kill yourself for the selection weekend, if you’re selected, it’ll feel like they’re doing that during basic training!


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