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gaining muscle?

ive been working out for a while and i have seen very little changes in my body, i have got a lot stronger since i started though…i do not follow a diet. does anyone have any tips on gaining muscle

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6 Responses to “gaining muscle?”

  1. Colin A said :

    Eat more then your body needs

  2. JJ said :

    Start eating about 500 more calories a day then your normal level. You should see an average of a pound a week.

  3. TheChad said :

    Do some research at They have a lot of good info however. You will want to look at different opinions and not take one guys ideas as the soul of your workout. Remember also that becoming really in shape depends on you finding out how your body responds to different workouts. It has taken me longer than a year to fine tune my workout to give me some good results.
    You do have to eat more calories than you are burning but you want them to be protein rich and healthy calories. You want carbs and protein.

  4. joe s said :

    Your body needs a certain amount of calories to maintain its weight. I’m not sure what the acronym is, but you can search it online and put in factors to discover how many calories you need. You want to eat about 1,000 calories over it. Some say 2,000, but that’s only if your on roids.

    You also want to increase the weight you’re lifting gradually, each week or so at the gym. Your muscles will need this external stimulus in order to demand that your muscles grow to support this new requirement of them. Also, I think a must-use supplement is creatine. There has been a lot of studies on this supplement and there’s little, if any, research that says its detrimental in any way to your health. Try about 5grams of the monohydrate form, 30 minutes before you lift and you’ll feel and see the difference in your muscles. Sure, it’s water retention, but it allows your muscles to expand and if the conditions are right, eventually muscle fibers will increase close to this expansion.

  5. Clwcch said :

    Don’t know if your already doing this but isolate each muscle group where you are only working them every 3 days or so. Except calves and sit-ups which you can do everyday. Break each body part down (chest, triceps, biceps, legs, back, and shoulders) and do 3 or 4 different exercises for each part. Go as heavy as you can handle on the weight doing 6 to 8 reps. with 3-4 sets of each. You should be sore the next day but this hopefully will work, just takes a while. Eat a lot, but eat good foods to supply your body with fuel. Good Luck

  6. Andrew said :

    You would get more results if you follow a diet. But for your workouts you should have lots of variations.

    For example workout only 3 times a week (e.g. Mon, Wed & Fri), the reason for having a day off in between workouts is to give your muscles time to heal. When they heal they grow back bigger. So if you are working out every day then you are not giving your muscles time to heal, thus less results.

    Also have 2 or 3 different workouts. So say that you have workout A, B & C then you can do workout A on Mon, B on Wed and then C on Fri. Then move them around for the next week; Mon C, Wed B & Fri A. So that you are not doing the same workout often this will cause your body to make more changes in strength and power, building bigger muscles.

    Have a look at my workouts here;

    I hope this helps.

    Take care,


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