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Gain muscle?

I wanna gain muscle quickly but i can’t use weights (because i have asian parents and they want me to study 24/7) and i don’t have much time to spare. btw, im relatively fit and have a good diet. Any tips?
btw, what are good places to do pullup/chinups at home?

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2 Responses to “Gain muscle?”

  1. matthew said :

    do lots of pushups and crunchies. you can also do some dips by putting your ams behind you on a bed or something and sit pareall with onlly your hands touching…then go down to your elbows bend as far as they can and then push up.

    do clap pushups normal pushups as well as hold pushups

  2. Matt O said :

    Pull Up’s and Chin Ups are probally one of the best workouts you can do for your upperbody. Make sure you maintain proper form and going ALL the way down to a deadhang. They will be hard at first but they are worth it. I am in the army and I do 10 everytime i enter/leave my barracks.. try to get something like that going


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