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For those of you who lost weight fast, how did you do it?

like what was your diet and exercise plan, how much did you lose and how long did it take?

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3 Responses to “For those of you who lost weight fast, how did you do it?”

  1. Hannah13 said :

    eat under 1000 calories a day. my sister did it and lost 1 pound every two days. add that up, and in two weeks you will lose 7 pounds, not bad right?
    but in for weeks it will be 14 pounds and in 6 weeks it will be 21. its the best way to go.

  2. Black said :

    I was 135 and I dropped to my natural 113 and I did it in 3 weeks.

    My problem was that I had been eating a diet that my blood did not recognize as nutrition. It was just storing it as junk. When I changed to the diet that my blood could use it cleaned up all the junk and gave a new body.

    If you want to do the same you can read the book
    Eat Right for Your Type by Dr. D Adamo

    Ask your pharmacy if they sell a blood testing kit or buy one on the web site for the Doc.

    the weight stayed off. I am now 50 years old and in great shape and I weight 115.

  3. Jacob said :

    I did P90X, but P90X is just the basic stuff that no one wants to do unless you are truly dedicated to losing the weight and staying fit.


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