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For some reason ive never had an anger fit?

Well for aslong as i can remember ive never reasly had a anger fit. By ”Anger fit” I mean like when you turn so angry you start to breath louder and sometime your neck muscles grow and also loose control.

Ive seen lots of people have them but never me. Does this mean its all getting locked up in me and if i let it out once i will cause some serious damage, or would i just be like a normal anger fit? Or does that ive never had one mean something wrong with me subconciously or something?

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9 Responses to “For some reason ive never had an anger fit?”

  1. Crazy Chicky said :

    sounds to me like you keep it well under control. but one day, the wrong person may just say or do the wrong thing and you could totally loose it big time. hopefully that won’t happen. no one will get hurt, just have a come apart and be done with it.

  2. trencherman92 said :

    Maybe nothing too bad has ever happened to you..what’s the worse thing that you remember happening to you?

  3. Cynthia W said :

    Maybe you have never had a reason to get this angry or
    maybe you just don’t want to get that mad.
    If you want to have a fit, go ahead it won’t hurt you
    too much. You just think if a reason to get mad and then
    jump up and down, stomp around and slam a door or
    two. Just don’t break the door or anything else.
    Breaking things is outside the rules of getting mad.

  4. Enty said :

    Maybe no one has pissed you off enough to cause you to have an “anger fit.” I had one this morning. I had been up 2 days with only 3 hours of sleep and someone pissed me off so I punched the wall and started talking really slow. When I get mad I lower my voice but emphasize every word… I don’t scream.

  5. f0xymoron said :

    It probably just means that you have a healthy control over your temper and that nobody has ever managed to really wind you up. There’s nothing wrong in that, many, many people never have an “anger fit” as you describe it.

    This only becomes an issue if there is something that really distresses you and you feel that you have to keep it bottled up inside, which isn’t healthy.

  6. Camilla1UK said :

    Hi, I reckon you are one of the chosen few – whose computer in all our brains sorts things out for you. Anger fits produce, high blood pressure, loss of friends, lots of apologising and generally alienated from ones peers. There is nothing manly in “angry”. And the man who walks away from a fight is the bravest. Don,t you worry that you have a lovely nature it will pay off believe me. You lucky sod. XXX

  7. firechick1721 said :

    you are probably the easy going type.. or you could hold everything in…. i bet your birth sign is pisces!! im the same way!

  8. damari_8 said :

    Lucky you!!! That’s something to be proud of!! It’s called self control.

  9. Karen H said :

    If you dont feel anger within yourself, you may be one of the few who have a really settled and happy life. Different people have different ways of expressing anger and frustration – not everyone blows up the way you describe. I really wouldnt worry unless you are getting all twisted up inside and cant find a release.


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