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Fat distribution and weight loss?

I thought that when you lose fat, it generally comes off first from the extremities like the arms and legs, but for some reason, for me the fat seems to be coming off strangely unevenly; I’ve lost a lot of fat in one arm but the other arm is really flabby – it makes no sense to me! Also, the fat around my hips/thighs just won’t budge and it’s really frustrating. The main fat loss for me has been in the upper body and lower legs, so when am I going to start losing fat more evenly in the problem areas?

Also, my original weight loss came after I did Southbeach + cardio and some dumbbell lifting. It’s been a year since that original loss and the fat loss has completely stalled, so I’ve returned to the restriction phase of Southbeach in hopes that I could jumpstart the fat loss again. Will this work?

As you can see, I’m really frustrated with the lack of results. I’m only 120 lbs, so it’s about losing fat not muscle; I think I’m one of those “skinny fat” people with a very high body %.

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One Response to “Fat distribution and weight loss?”

  1. David C said :

    You can buy a good set of calipers for about five(5) dollars and that will give you an idea of what your body fat is. As far as distribution of fat goes males tend to lose belly fat last and females hip fat last. A healthy body fat reading is 15% for men and 24% for women.


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