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Fat Burning Mode On The Treadmill In The Gym….Does It Really Work?

Recently started back up at the gym as over about 4 years i have put on about 3 stone or so and weight about 15st now (im 10´7 in height)
When i was younger i was an apprentice footballer, and kept up the exercise for quite a bit after, used to run 8 miles 6 days a week, then went living around the world on a number of travels and was never really stationed in one place long enough to get into a routie again, or watch what i eat.
Now back at the gym and with the task in hand of loosing 3 stone or so of fat, and beefing myself back up to what i used to be, I wonder do the ´fat buring´ exersices on the treadmill actually work?…they claim that if you run at around 65% your resting heart you will be in your fat burning zone and not your cardio zone.
All i have ever known, is running the hardest i can, and I STILL am i really good runner, and can easily pound out 30 mins to 45 mins on the treadmill at a really good pace.
Am i better doing this? or should i run at a slower pace to burn fat
Sorry, dont know how a managed to make that mistake!….im 5´10 Tall!….obviously not 10´7!

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6 Responses to “Fat Burning Mode On The Treadmill In The Gym….Does It Really Work?”

  1. Deano said :

    HAHAHA 10’7 if you was 10’7 u would be the tallest man in the world by far

  2. eazy e said :

    There is mixed reviews on if it really works, the best thing would be to run outside, not on a treadmill, but if all you have is a treadmill then, 30min to 45min is a good pace, but as you get better at it, you should increase the diffculty

  3. David said :

    There’s a lot of confusion over the different training zones. I’ll start by answering your second question.

    Should you run your hardest every time you train? No. It isn’t necessary and it isn’t the optimal way to train. Doing this too often leads to injury. I am not saying that you shouldn’t ever do a hard workout, only that it isn’t necessary for every workout to be a killer. Elite competitive runners don’t do more than 3 quality workouts per week. The rest is relatively easy paced (for them) put-in-the-miles running. 30 minutes at an easy pace provides plenty of aerobic training effect.

    With regard to the fat burning zone, the truth is that you burn the more calories per unit time the faster you run. However, from the prior question, you see there is a limit to how much fast running you can do. In additon, at some point, speed shortens the workout so that you can’t burn many calories. For example, if you run at your mile race pace, you may burn 1200 calories/hour but you probably can’t run more than 5 minutes.

    OK, why do machines have a fat zone? At low intensity exercise, your body burns mostly fat. As the intensity increases the body burns fat and glycogen (sugar). At very high intensities the body burns mostly glycogen. The reality is that it doesn’t matter whether you burn fat or glycogen. You will lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume.

    My recommendation is to run most of your runs at a comfortable pace. Since you like running hard, once or twice a week add a hard run to the mix. Good luck with your training.

  4. buggerlugs_mctwattyknickers said :

    The “fat burning” zone only really works for people who are not used to any level of exercise. For more trained individuals it is not effective. It is useful for a few weeks to break in a new exerciser, or after injury or long spell of inactivity, but is generally limited to about 12 weeks maximum in all but exceptional cases.

    Although the body tends to favour fat as a fuel source when training between about 55 and 75% of MHR (maximum heart rate), the overall amount of energy required at this intensity is relatively low.

    At a higher intensity (above 75% MHR) the body burns energy (calories) at a much higher rate. Although the proportion of this energy coming directly from fat stores is lower, the much higher total amount of energy required means that more fat will be used in total, than the amount used at a lower intensity.

    Furthermore, the human body is expert at energy conservation, so will readily adapt to low intensity training. This means that after a few weeks of “fat burn zone” training, the body will stop going directly to fat stores for the energy required for the run anyway. This is because fat is only used as a fuel in a perceived emergency. A regular training program will soon become recognised and no longer seen as an emergency.

    Higher intensity training, however, will always require high levels of energy to fuel it – you will just need to keep upping the ante as your fitness returns.

    Good luck.

  5. runner said :

    treadmills are really bad for your body actually they are really bad on your legs i dont recommend them

  6. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    There are 2 good answers above, but what you have to remember in all of this is the main thing behind loosing weight, and that is Energy Eaten must be less than the energy used. Eat your normal amount and run off 500 calories at whatever speed will give the results you want!

    The problem comes of course with running at an intensity that burns off the calories in the time you have each session and thats for you to work out with your lifestyle.

    To make a realy hard wok out, try increasing the intensty of the treadmill work out for example, start at a jog and then every minute increase the speed by a notch or the incline by one and see how far you can go before you have to slow down or go to the flat again. In the gym you could also try the rowing, cycles or cross training machines to vary which joints are used and rest your knees a bit.

    If you do a few weights bigger muscles will burn more energy in a day than small ones

    Good luck with it

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