fast way to lose fat and build muscle?

im 5’9 and 145 pounds, im not fat just got a little bit on me, but i want to get skinnier and get more muscles and a six pack, whats the fastest way of doing these? and also when i was younger i used to be fat and i lost weight and now i got stretch marks on my back, and some on my arm beneath my shoulder, is there a way to get rid of them?
also the main fat i want to get rid of, is my stomach (like i said im not really fat, its kinda flat but it jiggles) i have a little bit of love handles, and my man tits haha
well since it censored you probably wont know what im talkin bout so, my man “breast”

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3 Responses to “fast way to lose fat and build muscle?”

  1. Shaun said:


  2. That One Guy Who Got Suspended said:

    There is no ‘fast way’ to build muscle. Just keep motivated and lift hard.

    And EAT ALOT, especially if you want to build muscle you. When you lift, you get sore and tired. Recovery = rest and nutrients.

  3. Dane said:

    The process of losing weight (catabolic) and the process of building muscle (anabolic) tend to work against each other, so you’ll probably need to prioritize one over the other.

    For detailed information on how this works, simply go to .

    Best wishes!


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