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fast way to lose belly fat?

i want to lose 10+ pounds in the next 5 weeks. for the past week i’ve been doing sit-ups/crunches, some jumping jacks, some bicycles, and a few others. but all this probably won’t be working out as fast as i want it to. i’ve changed my diet to help me out more. so what is the best exercise to do to lose the fat in my stomach?

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2 Responses to “fast way to lose belly fat?”

  1. Kathlyn said :

    Crunches. Cardio. And avoid carbs. Kinda a 3C deal.

  2. TrainerSince82 said :

    Unfortunately, ab exercises won’t directly get rid of your belly fat.:-( Spot reducing doesn’t work. Belly fat can only be eliminated by consuming fewer calories than you’re burning.

    –Eat a healthy, low calorie diet (I recommend the Abs Diet for Women).

    –Do cardio training, especially interval training.

    –Do strength training, especially whole body strength training exercises like- push ups, pull ups, dips, squats, lunges, step ups, etc.

    –Work your abs. Even though you won’t burn fat directly in your abs, they WILL tone the muscles underneath. You’ll find lots of good ab exercises at


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