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Effective ways to get loved ones you live with to stop smoking in the house?

I’ve tried everything, and some of it has worked, some hasn’t, but even what has worked has only been temporary…

How can I get him to stop smoking in the house for good?!??!

Please help!

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4 Responses to “Effective ways to get loved ones you live with to stop smoking in the house?”

  1. Tom said :

    When you see him light up, throw a bucket of water over his head.

  2. Little Miss Sunshine said :

    Break his cigs everytime you see them, tell him if he continues to smoke in the house you will break his cigs. No sex either, no cooking, no nothing. He needs to have some consideration for your health and your pets or kids health too. Second hand smoke is almost as bad as you smoking them. Also, it makes your house stink and your clothes, furniture, walls yellowed… Just play hardball…

    Get some pamphlets on second hand smoke and display them all around the house.

    As a last resort spray a bunch of perfume around him while he’s doing it or while he’s eating, etc.

  3. Sam said :

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