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Easy ways to lose weight that actually work?

Hi guys, right after winter break I always put on weight!

My question is, do you guys know of any way to lose stomach weight fast? Workouts/ diets that ACTUALLY work, for example something you’ve done before or know of someone who has done it. I want an easy and simple work out to do, since I’m in high school still.

Thanks so much for your time and your help!

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13 Responses to “Easy ways to lose weight that actually work?”

  1. manderzizdabomb said :


  2. Kramab said :


  3. koolaid666666 said :

    just eat less and workout more. that is all.

  4. Brad said :

    stop eating so much

  5. Army Angel said :

    just jog around your neighborhood

  6. not 2 B fooled said :

    You need to remember that the weight you have gained did not happen in a few days, but over time. Same goes for losing weight; it will take time and trying some silly way to lose it fast will be bad for you

  7. Girl Demented. said :

    Listen, there is no easy fix, eat less excercise more,
    1700 calories a day(2000 is the norm for a woman) excercise 3 times a week(40 mins walking) which means 30 mins raised heartbeat, you will lose 2lb a week, it’s the only way to do it..

  8. Aimee B said :

    There is no easy way to lose weight.
    Obesity would not be an epidemic if it were.

    Eat Less Move More is the easiest way I can put it.

    Everyone is different so what works for one will not always work for another.

  9. ~***Jeremys**<3**Wifey***~ said :

    I lost 30 lbs in a few months without working out because I quit drinking pop and switched to those crystal light things you put in a bottle of water and drank those all day and ate alot of vegetables because they have barely any calories. If you want to loose itfaster than a few months watch what you eat and go jogging everyday and do some crunches. It always works for me

  10. ~*meme*~ said :

    the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume
    diabetic diets are great nutritious alternatives to crazy unhealthy methods
    and are approved by the American Heart, Diabetes, Arthritis, and many other associations
    and it works (I lost 30 pounds in 6 months)

  11. The Wild Man said :

    Loose wieght with Lil Jack its easy and free

  12. Lovin Life :) said :

    You cant choose where you body fat comes from unfortunately… but doing cardio and cleaning up your diet should help out with your abs. GOOD LUCK 🙂

    Dont try any colon cleansers or pills ect.. .if you want to slim down tone up and live healthy this will help! Congrats on wanting to live a healthier life and better yourself this new year!

    Here are some dieting tips 🙂

    Eat breakfast an hour within waking up
    5-6 meals away
    Execute portion control of meals
    Eat as much raw foods as possible
    Limit caffeine to one serving a day
    8 glasses of water at least a day
    take a multivitamin
    No carbs after 2-3pm
    Make sure your eating enough calories
    Lots of lean proteins like white meat and fish
    Make meals in advance…your more likely to eat healthy if its already made
    Drink a glass of water before you eat a snack.. you will be less hungry and eat less
    Pre mix up snacks
    Eat a salad/healthy app. before a meal. Studies show people who do consume 30% less food
    Keep a log of what you eat
    Try to regulate a normal sleeping pattern

    3-4 days of cardio… mix it up and do 1 or 2 of high intensity cardio
    2-3 days of lifting toning 🙂
    Always stretch stretch stretch and do a warm up and cool down

  13. Alicia said :

    There is a garment called a Body Magic that completely flattens the tummy and makes you drop 2-3 sizes as soon as you put it on plus it helps you lose weight permanently when you keep wearing it. You can see more info at Hope that helps!


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