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Does working out to get fit affect your voice?

I don’t like my voice, I sort of mumble and i am not always very clear, I speak quietly because of this as my confidence gets lowered every time someone goes “Say again?”.

I am overweight, fat. If I got worked out and got fit, would my voice change at all?

When I hear really fat people talk it’s like they have something against thier throat- and when really fit people talk they’re clear and thier voice is crisp…

So is it about fitness?

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4 Responses to “Does working out to get fit affect your voice?”

  1. mychemical_disaster said :

    not as far as i know, no, not at all

  2. Queen said :

    bahah, i hope not.

    My voice is disgusting, and I’m fat too.

  3. fireballgriffin said :

    no, you just need to talk louder, and make a habit of annunciating. in time, it will become a habit.

  4. Stone Cold said :

    I think it’s more about being confident in yourself, then it is about how fit you are.


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