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does the treadmill have same impact as road running at the same speed?

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6 Responses to “does the treadmill have same impact as road running at the same speed?”

  1. Markymark said :

    It is hard to run on the road as the machine carries your foot back and there is wind and corners affecting your speed.

    A good approximation is to raise the hill angle on the mahcine a notch or two to closer approximate running on the orad.

    The easiest and cheapest thing of course, is to actually run on the road! Stay away from traffic, its much more realistic and you can vary your route making it more interesting.

  2. thunder4066 said :

    no, the treadmill is always at a constant level and absorbs impact like a car shock, as for the road its always hard and rough and not level at all times AND IS POPULAR FOR SHIN SPLINTS

  3. Jon V said :

    no road is harder but if you put a treadmill at a 1% incline it is alot closer. also treadmill is safer on your joints, less jolting

  4. Angelus said :

    No. You burn slightly less calories going at the same speed on the treadmill than it is running on the road.

  5. Look towards the future! said :

    Well if you run on the road you get fresh air!
    If you run in a gym you breath air of other people and sweat and dirt.

  6. johnwizwoz said :

    the simple answer is no on the road you have soo many variences such as wind, pot holes, floor textures, actualy going somwhere get on the road and try not to be imbarrased besides a treadmill is too boaring lol run up and down the house runin through the cat lit on the way and you kinda get my jist lol


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