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does stawberry and orange juice make you burn fat or loss weight?

i just made fresh strawberrys and orange juice can that burn fat ?or make me loss weight? because i’ve been tryinq to get a flat tummy?

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2 Responses to “does stawberry and orange juice make you burn fat or loss weight?”

  1. Kate said :

    I havent heard of that so it’s probably not true. It has calories in it but the juice will have lots of vitamins in it and so might boost immune system but help you loose weight? The only way you can loose weight is by calorie counting. Don’t use tablets I bet they don’t work and they cost a fortune. Good luck.

  2. LiveReadings said :

    Fruit is sugar and will not aid fat burning on the tummy. But good as a source of fibre.

    Fantastic book to read is the Ab Diet. It talks about eating lots of fresh veges, lean proteins and good carbohydrates then doing the right type of exercise so you burn fat constantly.

    Also check out my Squidoo lens on how I lost 60 pounds relatively fast.


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