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does losing weight really solve all ur problems?

i really want 2 lose weight, coz i think it will make me be the perfect person i wanna be –
-loads of friends etc

but does losing weight really bring u all this stuff straight away?
talk from experience plz!

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15 Responses to “does losing weight really solve all ur problems?”

  1. uosa11 said :

    Only if people notice. Otherwise, all it can do is make you feel better. Which is worth something. A lot, really. Yes.

  2. John A said :

    I lost weight and was more confident, but it won’t solve all your problems. But it will lessen health problems a lot.

  3. ♥Crazy♥Monkey♥ said :

    if losing weight will make you happy and confident then do it there is nothing more important than being happy with who you are and loving your self!!!

  4. Twin Angels said :

    if you think it will…then it will…..
    if you think your a fabulous person then you are one…fat or thin.

  5. shineonuk said :

    If i was there, i would give you a big hug, them reassure you that real friends will accept you for who you are, and confidence comes from within. Low mood sounds like it has a part here.

    Losing weight has nothing to do with the above. I am at my heaviest, yet also at my happiest. I am going on a fitness programme for my own needs, sod what anyone else thinks or expects.

    learn a bit of assertiveness and get on with your life, and ignore what anyone thinks. enjoy your life.

  6. Sarah M said :

    Maybe confidence and happiness because you will much healthier, but, just like getting a boob job,
    it doesn’t solve any real problems.

    Many overweight people are very happy because they work on loving life – it’s all in the mind.

    I am very skinny and I am unhappy about lots of things in my life, and my weight doesn’t help at all.

    It’s getting off my ass and getting things done, and my personality, that get me everywhere.

    Be positive about what you have and who you are, remember your body is only your shell.

  7. fasxbiana said :

    In can help your self esteem then that would encourage you to be happier with yourself and the way you see the world. It actually can change the way people look at you since your attitude would be different.

  8. Ray$Ray said :


  9. Janey said :

    For me it has made a huge difference. When I’m a healthy weight I am more confident, I am funnier, happier, a better person to be around. It’s not so much how other people perceive me (although there is a lot of prejudice towards people who are very overweight) but how I feel about myself. I’ve got more energy and I just feel better.

    It doesn’t work that way for everyone, but there is something great about feeling good about yourself and being able to wear clothes you love 🙂 You’re still the same person, it won’t turn a nasty person nice all of a sudden, but if it makes you feel good then go for it 🙂

  10. Gamze said :

    well, it won’t solve all your problems but it helps a lot for your health and self- esteem 😉 Do it Just don’t fall in smthing drastic, losing weight doesn’t mean stopping eating. ok?

  11. TONI C said :

    No all your problems will not be cured from losing weight. If you have a real need to lose a few pounds for heath’s sake that should be reason enough. This other stuff…confidence, happiness all come from within. You need to be happy with what and who you are by loving yourself unconditionally. Your friends, the ones who are really friends can help you boost your self esteem just by being your friends for “who you are and what you look like now.” Don’t be fooled by the “model images”… they are more unhappy than you are more than likely. Imagine not eating a sweet treat or pasta? They need to avoid all that stuff to stay skinny. A few extra pounds and a slice or two of pizza with my friends sounds like a lot more ego boosting to me. Love “you” for who you are.

  12. Orla C said :

    How interesting that you have asked this question. I’m afraid, my dear, that the answer is no.

    Unfortunately, losing weight does not magically transform you into the type of person you want to be.

    Confidence comes with being happy with your personal accomplishments, whatever they are, and yes, losing weight can be one of these. Happiness can come from confidence, or from knowing that there are people who love you for the way you are, warts and all, without all That Shining Perfection – which is just an illusion anyway.

    When if comes to friends, if you’re happy with who you are, and don’t judge people for being different, then people gravitate to you – the kind of people you WANT as your friends, real friends. They’re not necessarily gorgeous or popular, but they are true, and these are the ones that count.

    So trying to change your outside won’t do you any good – it’s your inside you need to be working on. If you’re confident and happy, your shape doesn’t matter.

    Only lose weight if you feel your health would benefit, and only lose weight safely, with your doctor’s supervision.

  13. Bush's inbred Illuminati son said :

    Being overweight causes a myriad of diseases that should be your foremost concern. It’s true, though, that being at your normal weight does make you psychologically more healthy and also feeling that your more sexually attractive makes you more healthy, too.

  14. A C said :

    There are 2 ways to look at this question:

    1. Superficially

    If you mean by losing weight you will LOOK slimmer, hence giving you the confidence, happiness, and friends; then I doubt you will get what you want immediately, or permanently. All these notions of gaining confidence and happiness by merely losing weight can very well be just a marketing strategy created by slimming product manufacturer, through the magazines.

    I have met a lot of slim people with no confidence at all, whilst many confident people who are on the chubby side; same goes with happiness and number of friends.

    Confidence does not come from how much you weigh, but from how much you know about what you are doing. Long-lasting happiness depends on how much you would like to give to make others happy, and not the pounds you shed. And to be honest, anyone who will only befriend a slim person is not worth your while, and ought to be shot.

    2. Logically

    Firstly, exactly how overweight are you that you have to lose some? Is your weight causing you any problem in health, daily maneuvering, or at work?

    If the answers are ‘yes’, then you should probably get proper weight-losing advice from a physician or nutritionist, and do it the healthy and sensible way.

    In this case, perhaps when you become healthier after a certain weight-loss, you will definitely feel more confident in doing a good job whether at work or in sports, which may give you satisfaction in life and feel happier. This means your social circle may also be wider hence meeting more people and making more new friends.

    My own experience:

    I am on the other hand born very skinny and have been criticised for not having a voluptuous body, all my life. I have tried everything to put on weight but failed. However, I have learned to appreciate every knowledge and experience I gain from life, and would only hope to be healthier, for a longer time.

    Happiness comes from yourself, not through some manipulative stereotypes made by glossy magazines.

    Good luck!

  15. Jamie-lee A said :

    It solved mine in a way because I gained a lot more confidence in myself, but remember – You are doing it for yourself! not to impress your friends or anything silly like that!


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