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Does it hurt getting braces fitted and how long does it take to fit braces?

I have read a lot of different views and comments on braces as i am getting mine next week and now i want to know the facts?

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4 Responses to “Does it hurt getting braces fitted and how long does it take to fit braces?”

  1. Bigboo96 said :

    dont worry about it!!! i have braces and it wasnt a big deal. if u have a good orthodontist it shouldnt be a problem. you go in, they make a mold of your teeth, they glue the brackets on, put the wire in, and u pick the color u want. its really not that big a deal! it takes about an hour and u will probably have them on about 2 years depending on how bad your teeth are! hope this helps!

  2. Emily said :

    i got mine on wednesday. they STILL hurt. bad. But I hear the pain goes away. Ive had to eat Mac and Cheese since wed, and baby food. Ice cream and such as well. It doesnt take long to get them on though. You go in, and they clean your teeth. and then they glue the brackets on, they put on the color you want, and then the wire. You might get spacers put in too, but that depends on your mouth structure. and then u have about and hour until it starts hurting, and then the pain increases through out the next four. so make sure you have GOOD pain killers. Ibuprofen are good. good luck!


  3. Aimee said :

    i just got mine on friday, they clean your teeth and put these metal bands around your molars(the teeth at the back) then theyput this liquid on your teeth and rinse it off then dry your mouth. then the put on lip retractors so your lips and cheeks don’t meke your teeth wet, then they glue on each bracket one by one till all the brackets are inserted. then they put the arch wire through and you choose your colours. The process only takes about an hour but it depends on how many brackets that are fitted i had all top and bottom so it took about an hour. if you have just top or just bottom the time will be alot less. Goood Luck!!!!!!! 🙂 x

  4. Justine said :

    DW, I got braces put on about 2 months ago, and it was NOTHING to worry about, it DIDNT hurt, yes it ached a bit but there is no need to worry. I amt he biggest baby, i throw up on rides and cry in scary movies and i leave a light on before i go to sleep. I am not a strong person so i would be the first one to say if it hurt. But dont worry about it because in years to come you will be the one with those gorgeous straight teeth, so chin up!!!x


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