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does doing push ups and sit ups have any effect on the fat loss on your face?

if you do push and and sit ups.. will this have any effect on the fat loss on your face?

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7 Responses to “does doing push ups and sit ups have any effect on the fat loss on your face?”

  1. Missus said:

    You cannot spot reduce, you will lose fat all over your body if you work out.

  2. straven said:

    no. if you generally lose weight, yes, but it is a normal weight loss. Sit ups and push ups can’t directly affect your face,

  3. What a ride! =D said:

    You will lose fat from everywhere equally but will tone more hands and tummy.

  4. Camille said:

    Add running/jogging and yes you should see results. ONLY if you have a healthy diet along with it. This seems to be the result of why most diets fail, or why it’s so hard to lose weight. You need to be educated on how many calories you consume/burn in a day. Because that equals weight loss. If you aren’t a runner or jogger, try swimming. Swimming works many muscles and is an EXCELLENT workout, even more pregnant women. But as far as push ups and sit ups, that’s great except you need to add some type of full body workout as well. Stride for 3-4 times a week but start out slow. Good luck to you

  5. Montana said:

    Yes, but if you want to see a major fat loss in your face you need to do more exercises. Do some cardio too. You will lose weight all over but will start seeing it in your face first. When people see you they look at your face and say are losing weight, cause you are looking great. And you will say yes Thanks. I have been working out and doing cardio 3 to 4 times a week and eating more healthily.

    Good luck,

  6. Jim Retro said:

    It will actually make you more big headed if you end out with a body that is a scale down version of god 🙂 No but seriously doing C.V. exercises like jogging, cycling ect ect. It will help allot more than push ups or sit ups.

  7. great ideas said:

    Nope it can not make any effect on your face.


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