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Does anyone know what basic medical insurance covers in Dubai?

My husband is one step away from being offered a job in Dubai and part of the benefit is “basic medical insurance”. Does anyone knows what this covers and whether we really need to get private medical insurance.

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2 Responses to “Does anyone know what basic medical insurance covers in Dubai?”

  1. COLIN T said :

    Careful! If your husband is offered the job, before accepting he needs to clarify exactly what they mean by ‘basic medical insurance’. Dubai is a very expensive place to live and for foreigners it probably follows that medical treatment there will be very expensive also None of us have a crystal ball and any of us could have a serious accident or a serious illness without warning. You hear of ex-pats in Spain being crippled by medical costs so think what could happen in Dubai.

  2. said :

    Usually in Dubai the compensation plan is as follows:
    a. Basic
    b. Benefits

    Benefits would usually include:
    a. Transport
    b. Housing
    c. Annual Leave and other leave types (Sick Leave, Casual Leave)
    d. Air Ticket for you and your family (depending on the grade you will get for self and family either once a year or once in two years).
    e. Children’s School Fees
    f. Medical Insurance (Again depending on the grade u will get for self or self and family). It is important to check what the insurance covers and not covers in terms of benefits and how much does the employee needs to pay for every visit or is everything covered by the insurance.
    g. Gratuity (You get this when u leave, usually 21 days of basic salary per year of service with the company). Usually there will be a minimum service before you can get that money when u leave.
    h. Some companies also give interest free car loan.

    There are also some companies who do not give the above benefits specifically detailed as above but can be included as part of Basic.

    Now to answer your question of “Basic Medical Insurance”, I would guess that it would cover the basic doctors visit and may not cover the operations, maternity and stuff. But again you need to get a clear answer from the potential employer to see what exactly does it mean. Ask for the medical policy document issued by the insurers will give you all the details. So if you think there are things that you need you can have the following two options:
    a. Tell your company to add the features and you can pay the difference in insurance premium.
    b. You can take an additional insurance on your own (It will usually be expensive as companies would get bulk discount which individuals may not).

    Hope this answers your question.

    Thanks team


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