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Does anyone know any ways to lose fat off of your legs fast?

Please give me some helpful ways to lose weight off of my legs. Excercises that give fast results. Pleas i really want to slim down on my legs!!!

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5 Responses to “Does anyone know any ways to lose fat off of your legs fast?”

  1. Amy J said :

    Okay, the only way to really lose weight on any part of your body is to do lots of cardio exercise. This will burn the fat that is stored in your body, and in the mean time strengthen your muscles. After you start to eliminate some of the fat on your body, you can start to lift weights, which will tone and define your muscles. Good luck!

  2. poisoneva said :


  3. pinkadink40 said :

    Walking is the true greatest exercise!

  4. janey said :

    I find that spinning works really well for my legs. Not only do I get cardio excercise out of spinning, but it also tones and shapes my legs as well. It is great!

  5. yums said :

    read tips on weight loss and some great exercise programs on this site


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