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Does a treadmill help improve your running ?

Hi, i recently bought a treadmill, and i was just wondering if it would help me improve my cross country running at school ?


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5 Responses to “Does a treadmill help improve your running ?”

  1. BlaznBroccoli said :

    ya of course it will. practice makes perfect

  2. Wykydtron said :

    Yep treadmill trainning will help alot.

  3. Maria A said :

    It will help, just be careful. Being an XC runner myself, I sometimes run on a treadmill, but watch your feet. I stepped on the side and, with the thing running at 6, fell on the ground and scraped my arm bad. It will help, running every day on it, just be careful

    Good luck!

  4. Brenda said :

    first off don’t listen to what these other people said because i know from experience that a treadmill does not improve your running. it actually hurts you a lot. but if you are only doing it like 1 every 2 weeks you’ll be ok but not any more than that cause it hurts your knees really bad and it really doesn’t make you that much faster

  5. PastaMan said :

    It will help your fitness, but not so much to your running.
    I use to run on a tredmill for years and saw little improvement. As soon as I started road running I saw a big challenge in front of me. It was hard, I reached my pain threshold many of times on the road.. but with a tredmill it’s like your only doing half the work.

    Seriously, forget about tredmills they are rubbish!


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