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Does a low carb diet lower the amount of good bacteria in your gut?

If I go on a low carb diet, will it lower the amount of good bacteria in my gut?

Also, if I take probiotics, will they be able to be sustained in my gut on a low carb diet or will the probiotics be ineffective in providing benefits if I am on a low carb diet?


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3 Responses to “Does a low carb diet lower the amount of good bacteria in your gut?”

  1. Ulrina said :

    Probiotic bacteria rely on complex carbohydrate to function and I’m afraid a low carb diet can seriously affect that. Even with the probiotics, the bacteria can’t work effectively without the carbohydrates as fuel so I really would not recomend this as a diet. X

  2. tonisha said :

    No, a “low carb” diet will not ruin the good bacteria in your gut unless you’re eating way too much cheese. The probiotics would be a good idea too. Also, “low carb” diets are not a good idea. Better to eat plenty of unrefined carbs like fruits and veggies for fiber. If you’re eating just protein or fat it’s not good for the kidneys, esp. long term. Dr. Atkins, who popularized the low carb diets died of a heart attack after all.

    If you are really looking the best way to diet,
    I suggest doing what this mom did and combining the Acai diet with a cleansing program for the best result

  3. lola said :

    about it you can get information from here


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