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Do you think that it is wrong to force foreign migrant workers to be covered by private health insurance?

“Tory Home Secretary Theresa May has warned that she is considering forcing firms employing non-EU migrant labour to take out private health insurance to cover them.”
I do not.

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11 Responses to “Do you think that it is wrong to force foreign migrant workers to be covered by private health insurance?”

  1. Jason Lee said :

    There is nothing with that, they migrants come over to work and this insurance coverage should be cover by themselves.

    Jason Lee

  2. Campari's obsession said :

    – No, wrong is right…

  3. teddy said :

    let the people who come here pay into NHS, if i had to why shouldn’t others who access the system. Same for schools.Don’t dump it in the lap of the employers, they have enough to be getting on with.

  4. Phoenix said :

    I think it is wrong to force ANY employer to provide health insurance.

    It is nice that some companies do, but when it is mandatory that puts a lot of businesses out of business and employees become unemployed.

    That is why Obama care is becoming such a drag on the economy, and many people will suffer, be disabled, or die due to lack of medical care.

    Obamacare is all promise and no delivery.

  5. Mechanic said :

    Being they have never paid a penny into our health scheme, Perhaps you can give one good reason why they should have it free . I know!! if all the people who wish them to have free treatment would like to send in their names then we can send you all their medical bills , and you can be the benevolent ones instead of expecting us to be when we have enough bills of our own . Add to that perhaps you would like to take on the burden of the welfare payments they haven’t contributed to also . and then we could use the one or two billion to pay of our debts .

  6. FOXY said :

    No it’s not wrong. I think it’s right to expect that all foreigners coming here should not get free health care having never contributed one penny into British taxation. And if company bosses insist on employing so-called ‘cheap’ foreign labour, then perhaps the bosses should pay the immigrant health bill for them. Why should hard working people who have paid taxes all their lives be asked to foot the bill of foreigners that never paid anything in? That’s what we’ve got now, and it’s helping to cripple the NHS.

  7. The Saint said :

    Here here Foxy.

  8. ANF said :

    A family stocks up their larder with food to last 1 month. In walks a stranger and uses the food and the family either have to go out and buy more or they have to make the food they have last longer by having less. This would not be tolerated by anyone.
    In the same way an immigrant walks into this country and uses a service for which the indiginenous family has paid, having made no contribution towards it. This is totally wrong as is the practice of medical tourism by non EU people coming to the UK for the sole purpose of free medical services.

  9. Malin View said :

    Have you ever tried to get health care outside of the EU? It’s very difficult in a lot of countries unless you have some private insurance. Do unto others before them others do it unto you.

  10. Crow said :

    The NHS was designed to look after the people from cradle to grave. It is supposed to take care of the British people, not half of the worlds sic. I don’t think anyone that is not a British resident should be able to access the NHS. Its a matter of common sense. OR you can just keep filling up the lifeboat indefinitely. in the end it will sink, and everybody drowns.

  11. danor said :



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