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do you think that diet coke is slimmer then normal coke i dont?

when i look at both cans they both seem the same to me ?? whats your thoughts

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11 Responses to “do you think that diet coke is slimmer then normal coke i dont?”

  1. tia :) said :

    well i think it is better because it has less sugar in it

  2. German O said :

    diet coke has no sugar…and 0 fat…regular coke doesn’t.

  3. Pogtwa said :

    FACT. Your body thinks it’s getting sugar and goes into fat mode.
    It was proven by some college/uni in America.

  4. Birchall18 said :

    Diet Coke tastes different.

  5. rattyray said :

    Diet coke is actually worse then normal coke because to make up for the added sugar they took out they use sweeteners to make up the taste that if you ask any doctor or dentist they will say its worse for you.

    That’s why i avoid sugar free drinks and that because the majority time they have sweeteners instead.

    Also i don’t really recommend drinking coke at all specially if you see what it does to a dirty penny? What is it doing to your stomach and that?

    My friend is now a diabetes from drinking coke as all he drank was that at least one bottle a day.

  6. Bear said :

    Simply put in fat loss terms diet is a lot lot better but neither is beneficial to you in anyway.

  7. psp_slim:) said :

    Hi:) I have made that mix myself and I felt like crap afterwords as was too much for me:s Hey but between them is no apparent difference, solely that one is sugar based and the other is sweeteners based which is great for t2 diabetics and for most people which wanna slim, although most people think is the diet coke that makes you slim… It is only a handy help, for people out there who think solely drinking diet coke will slim, is not true. You do need to exercise and have a healthy diet. Plus, do not overdose drinking coke on a daily basis as is proven to cause anaemia.

  8. nightcrawler said :

    Neither is slimmer as they are both the same size.
    One helps you keep slimmer because it contains fewer calories – unless you compensate by eating or drinking something else that contains sugar or some other high-calorie content.

  9. diane9986 said :

    to be honest there isn’t that much different in them, If you are looking for something that tastes like coke but is 100% healthy for you try XS. It is an all natural drink with only 8 calories, 0 carbs and 0 sugars. It was designed for the Russian Olympic team. and they are the same size as a can on Coke. I love them and they have different flavors if you don’t like coke or anything like that.
    The only down side is that you have to buy them on-line and they take about a week to come in but I would never go back to normal soda again!!!!!! I love the stuff. And if you get it and don’t like it the company will give you all your money back as well as let you keep the drinks.
    Check them out at and in the search type in XS.
    Give me an email if you have any questions my email is [email protected] or feel free to call my work cell at (309)830-5934.

  10. geoff w said :

    there are two words you ignore at your own peril,,,
    one is pc downloads “beta”its an untested program full of bugs which you will constantly find messing up your PC.
    and “Diet” anything this means all natural flavours are missing and E number substitutes are used instead,,,(poisons in other words)do your PC and your body a favour and have nothing to do with either of them

  11. Matthew A said :

    Artificial sweetener is much sweeter than regular sugar, and therefore much less is used. As a result, a diet coke weighs less than a regular bottle of the same volume. Diet coke is totally slimmer >_>


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