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Do you think I lost a bit of weight by being sick, if so, how much?

I threw up about 500-600ml, it was thick.
I just wondered lol.
I don’t have bulimia nor was I sick to lose weight, I just threw up because I wasn’t well.

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3 Responses to “Do you think I lost a bit of weight by being sick, if so, how much?”

  1. Hannah said :

    Usually after being ill you put back on all the weight you lose while you were ill. But since you threw up so much you might lose a little weight but it probably won’t be much.

  2. aphrodite said :

    No, all you are losing when you are sick is fluids. This is then replaced when you get back to eating and drinking properly

  3. live love party said :

    i have been sick recently and it wasnt that i was sick because i lost weight it is because i felt horrible and coundnt eat any thing but if you love your food like i do then as soon as you feel better and get back to your diet your body puts it back on very quickly but it doesnt go past your usual weight because your diet even if you dont think it is probably very similar so it doesnt matter if you are ill just make sure you dont get use to not eating get back to your usual diet

    i hope this helps


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