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Do you lose fat from your boobs when you lose weight?

Hello there (:
When i loose weight will i lose some of the fat from my boobs?

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4 Responses to “Do you lose fat from your boobs when you lose weight?”

  1. irish_casey1981 said :

    I lost weight and lost 2 cup sizes and waist size too.
    Like me, you might have a big chest and would like to loose those pounds and bra size; so just keep on doing what your doing and it will soon come off!
    Good Luck!!!

  2. Shanna said :

    Boob size is the first thing you lose when you lose weight

  3. Breezy said :

    yes you will lose lots and if u hadn’t noticed america tripled bra sizes because of obesity so if u lose weight and big boobs u know why and as long as u exercise you will lose your boobs

  4. Y Bother? said :

    sadly yes.
    i lost 16 lbs and felt great since my boobs were still there and my stomach was flatter. then i lost 5 more lbs and well i feel like how i did when i started expect the scale reads 147 instead of 168.
    nothing good lasts long….


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