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Do you loose weight fast or does it take time?

i loose weight at a relatively fast pace.
my weight shifts constantly though.
I had a doctors appointment last Tuesday and i was 145;
this week i went in again and they told me i was 10lbs lighter: 135.
i suppose this is because im quite active & have a busy schedule so i often
forget to eat. Yes, i said forget.

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15 Responses to “Do you loose weight fast or does it take time?”

  1. El Alex said :

    If I don’t eat at least 5lbs of food every day I loose weight

  2. Billy Mays said :

    Hmmm.. did you take a poop?

  3. Alan Alda said :

    I lose it fast

  4. ɥɐɹɐs '♥ said :

    I lose weight fast.

  5. Gαgα's Lιттℓє Mσηѕ†єr☮ said :

    Fastish. I lost 5 pounds in 4 days once.

  6. said :

    I dont know I think Id loose it kinda slow, but I dont really weigh that much so if I lost more than 10 pounds Id be somewhat unhealthily underweight…

  7. Aldo, Property of Taylor Swift said :

    i think thats normal

    im the exact same as you.

    I can lose/gain Ten pounds in one week.

    no joke, ill look in the mirror and think “man i look kind of pud pud” then ill work out for three day sand feel/look fine lol.

    i think we are just lucky

  8. Jolin said :

    Neither. I always stay the same. Good genetics.

  9. Karl Kern said :

    Dont even THINK bout fast.

    Think scientifically sound, otherwise you could do serious damage.

  10. в.נ. said :

    Yeah, I’m the same way. I don’t really want to lose weight right now though, because I weigh 135 and I don’t want to be too skinny. I have lost like 7 pounds before, like a year ago, in about a week.

    Wow, we weigh the same! Ha Ha, that’s awesome. *high fives*

  11. mexicanboy18 said :

    I lose it pretty fast; usually by early morning, I have a flat stomach again.


  12. Decrepidactyl said :

    Yes I loose weight fairly fast because I have trained my body to do so. I have mixxed martial arts tournaments that require me to lose or gain weight to be in that weigtclass.

    Next month I have a ju jitsu competition , I currently weigh 192… need to weight 185.Last month I had a muai Thai compition I had to weigh in at 180.I can lose about 10 pounds within 1week and a half.

  13. Zahid From Pakistan said :

    yes but i does also mean you have some disease
    so better also take care of this
    ghost from Pakistan

  14. Taha* said :

    It takes time*

  15. David said :

    relatively fast as well, during the summer i usually get a bit heavier because im less active, I fluctuate a fair bit, but when I get heavier I usually find not long after I will lose it =]


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