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Do you know where I can buy a running machine/treadmill in the UK?

I am hoping to buy a running machine/treadmill within the next couple of months. Does anyone know a good place in the UK where I can buy one? Preferably under £100?

By the way, I am in England. Please help – thanks 🙂
By the way, does the place you recommend have free delivery or would I need to collect the item? Thanks!

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7 Responses to “Do you know where I can buy a running machine/treadmill in the UK?”

  1. xxxblondiexxx18 said :

    local paper, usually has stuff like this in 4 sale

  2. bouncer bobtail said :

    That’s not much money.

    I suggest that you have a look on freecycle to see if someone is giving one away.

  3. ColdBlue said :

    If you dont mind second hand try (you have to find your biggest local town on there) i have to use

    Most people buy fitness gear, use it a couple of times and give up, so then you can buy it cheaper!!! I saw a cross trainer worth $300 hardly used for $50

    (ps sorry about $$ signs my mac is from the US and doesnt have a pound!)

  4. Mogs J said :

    Just run around your local park and buy some trainers and jogging suit with the £100 a treadmill you will never use it after about a week it will collect dust – just go now go run round the park – chase this stick can you see a stick go on run forest run just go for a run in the park run will you run….are you still here run fetch that stick oh hell sit there then!

  5. Ezzy A said :

    how about Argos..
    try it…

  6. katieg said :

    theres lots of places
    u can get one cheap on ebay
    u can get one at argos
    check it out yourself

  7. cherry said :

    i have one for sale only £250 n collection only in london had it for almost a year now


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