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Do you know how to lose weight fast?

I am kinda fat, and don’t know how to lose my weight before I go bak to high school. I don’t want to use any chemicals or anythying. But, I was wondering how can I lose weight by excercising or dieting. Please Help.

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13 Responses to “Do you know how to lose weight fast?”

  1. BIG DADDY said:

    eat more and remember fat is where its at.

  2. Danibair said:

    Join curves, I love it..there are women there of all ages and sizes. No one judges, its soo wonderful.. Its worth the price and you loose weight. Good luck

  3. happycat21 said:

    Eat less, exercise more.

  4. Hassan said:

    Dieting will torture you try more excerciszfing

  5. mrselange said:

    Take up running….I love it, and I lost over 40 pounds by doing it.

  6. Christine F said:

    By exercising and eating about 1500 calories a day should help you lose weight….also drinking about 8 glasses of water. I stay away from soft drinks too

  7. mrsdamico22 said:

    I joined curves and I love it.

  8. Me said:

    eat a little less, excersize a little more. that really helps and its a healthy way to do it. but remember, eat a LITTLE less, and excersize a LITTLE more.

  9. georgiagal005 said:

    Avoid junk food..such as chips, candy, cookies. Drink plenty of water. Go jogging, or even walking. Always be active and try to play sports.

  10. guadalupe_coldren said:

    what i do and has worked wonders for me is to drink 8oz. of ice cold water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach it helps your metabolism work faster because your body is hot and when you introduce ice cold water your metabolism has to work faster to make it the same temperature of your body!

  11. eehco said:

    Water, healthy diet, exercise.

    Drink at least 8-10 8oz. glasses of water a day

    Eat 6 small healthy meals per day at approx. 3 hr. intervals. Reduce the fat/cholesterol/sodium(salt)/sugar/bad high carbs or do low carb.

    Exercise at least 30-45 minutes every other day until you can get up to everyday. Make sure it’s something to get the heart pumping to boost the metabolism. Start out walking, add some yoga, aerobics and or pilates, and alternate your workouts.

  12. Buzz S said:

    Listen! There is a great way. Every morning for breakfast eat 1 piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter. The peanut butter sticks to the sides of your stomach and little by little during the day lets off good protein. Drink whatever you want. For lunch, eat your big meal like you do for supper and make sure you eat your fruits before 2pm each day. The natural sugar you will burn up before you go to bed. For Supper, Only eat soups and salads together. No meats at this meal. Meats takes 18 hours to digest in your stomach, that’s why it’s important to eat your big meal at lunch. For a snack at night, Peal an orange early that morning and wrap it it tin foil and freeze it. Take you time eating it for a snack at night then go to bed. Start the process all over the next day and see the results.

  13. generalmanager said:

    Eat smaller portions at every meal, walking is the fastest and the cheapest way to loose weight and works every time. Drink eight glasses of water each and everyday in conjunction with the other things that you drink. Soup is a great substitute (Healthy Choice) and also 100 calorie snacks so you don.t feel so deprived. Good luck! Stick with it, you can do it!


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